CMT Next Superstar Episode 2

    • Episode two of “CMT’s Next Superstar” aired Friday, April 15th, at 8pm central on CMT. After our first taste of the talent the show has to offer. “CMT Next Superstar” posted a poll on their facebook asking the viewers which contestant put on the best performance last Friday? Fans voted in Matt Mason’s performance of Matchbox 20’s ” Unwell” with a staggering 641 votes, with Bri Bagwell coming in 2nd with 521 votes for her performance.

      This weeks show with only nine left were divided up into 3 trios and the challenge for the week was to chose and sing a “honky-tonk” song. Group one consisted of Steven, Danielle, and Andrea who chose George Straight’s “Right or wrong”. After a long night of practicing their song, Andrea woke up the next morning to find she had somewhat lost her voice. The nerves were on for her team. Group two consisted of Adrienne, Matt D. and Courtney as they chose “Stand by your man” by Tammy Wynette. Group three consisted of Matt M., Bri, and Wynn who chose Buck Owen’s ” I’ve got a tiger by the tail” as their song chose for the challenge.

      The next day with everyone loaded up, and unsure of where they were going to be performing Thea dropped a shell shocker on the group. They wouldn’t be performing on any stage. They had one hour to chose a place in downtown Nashville,Tn on Broadway and raise as much money as they could within that time period. The camera’s showed each group several times during several phases of entertainment. It looked like Steven’s group was resorting a lot to the looks of the girls and flirting to raise their money, Matt D’s group was reaching out to people as they joked to passerby’s that they would break dance for a donation , while it seemed that Matt M.’s group stayed true to the challenge at hand and sang as they entertained the people on the street near them. As the challenge ended Thea counted up each groups money and the one with the lowest amount would be sent to sing for survival against each other. First up the team of Matt Mason, Wynn Varble, and Bri Bagwell raised a total of $328.36, next the team of Steven Clawson, Andrea Pearson and Danielle Lauderdale raised $585.45. The final team of Matt Dame, Adrienne Beasley, and Courtney Cole raised a total of $217.59 making them the team with the lowest amount and taking them to the singing to survive performance against each other. One last chance to impress and convince this weeks judges Matt Serletic , and country music star Trace Adkins that they belonged in the competition.

      Adrienne Beasley once again found herself in the bottom after the challenge. She chose Lady Antebellum’s “American honey” as her song choice, which for American Idol fans is something they’re familiar with from her during her audition previously for that show. So instead of breaking out of the shell and proving to the rest of the world she belonged, she chose to play it safe. Trace thought she had a lot of confidence during her performance but somewhat pitchy at times.

      Courtney Cole chose Carrie Underwood’s hit “So small” for her survivor song this week. The judges were so impressed with her voice and the ability to hit a high note that they spared her from the vote off and she became safe for the rest of the night with the other groups not in elimination.

      Matt Dame was the final performer of the evening with Ronnie Milsap’s “Stranger in my house” He sounded a little like Travis Tritt during this song and it was pleasant and easy to listen to. Celebrity judge Trace Adkins said he waited to hear the high note that Ronnie Milsap does during the song but was disappointed when it didn’t come. Matt Serletic said he wanted more from him and he was surprised to see him in the bottom already after his amazing performance the previous week.

      With now only Matt D. and Adrienne on the elimination block the judges decided that Adrienne would be moving onto the next challenge while Matt was “dropped”. With Trace commenting that one day Matt would be opening for him or Trace may even be opening for him, we saw his departure. The only thing that saved Adrienne was Matt Serletic’s advice from the previous challenge telling her she needed to improve her performance.

      Check back next Friday following the new episode of CMT Next Superstar airing at 9/8 central to read the next review.