CM Punk Defeats John Cena at Money in the Bank and Leaves the WWE with the WWE Title

CM Punk received a rockstar ovation on his way to the ring. The crowd was chanting his name as he walked to the ring. The hometown crowd gave CM Punk one hell of a ovation that hasn’t been seen in a long time. After his music stop playing, he sat in the ring, and they continued to chant his name. CM Punk interacted with the crowd throughout the match; they hung on to his every mannerism (or word).

John Cena was booed like hell, but it wasn’t as bad at the “One Night Stand” PPV in 2006. However, Cena was heavily booed, and he seemed liked he didn’t want to be out there at all. Oh yeah, there was a “If Cena wins, we will riot” poster. I just thought that was appropriate to mention that to you (readers).

John Cena must have heard the criticism from Chavo Guerrero, and anti-Cena fans because he performed different moves tonight. CM Punk still outworked him, but Cena stepped it up somewhat tonight. He performed armbars, sleeper-holds, and an abdominal stretch in the match today. John Cena was trying to be a technical wrestler at moments during the match.

The match was a see-saw match to say the least. Both guys were trying end the match as quickly as possible. CM Punk has ambitions of leaving the WWE with the WWE Title, and John Cena is trying to retain the title. Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis (talent relations executive) were backstage closely watching the match. Vince had announced earlier that night that CM Punk still hadn’t resigned.

John Cena and CM Punk literally beat the hell out of each other, but Cena got the worse of it. He had tweaked his knee during the match, and was in pain at certain moments. Cm Punk had also tested John Cena’s surgically repaired neck by positioning Cena’s head on the ring apron, and landing a maneuver from the top rope. Eventually things began to break in this match up.

Suddenly, a series of pinfall attempts with near kickouts began. John Cena tried the “AA” finisher so many times and CM Punk countered every time. However, both guys landed good impact maneuvers and attempted a pinfall. Every time CM Punk kicked out, the crowded would erupt in relief. From what I saw, no one was sitting on their feet. CM Punk was also impressive by finding a way out of the “STF” submission on multiple occasions. He also kicked out of the “AA” on two occasions (if my memory is correct). Those kickouts by CM Punk had the entire crowd on the edge of their feet.

The end came when Cm Punk landed a “GTS,” and John Cena landed outside the ring. CM Punk landed his finisher to the gut of Cena near the ropes, and Cena fell out. CM Punk put Cena back in the ring, and suddenly Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis appeared at the entrance ramp. Cm Punk became distracted and Cena put Punk in the “STF.” Vince told John Laurinaitis to go ringside and declare John Cena the winner. This is obviously reminiscent and similar to the “Montreal Screwjob” in 1997. John Cena landed a blow on John Laurinaitis before he could make it to the ringside area.

Next, John Cena went to the ramp and told Vince McMahon that he was going to win the match on his own terms. John Cena got back in the ring and CM Punk landed the “GTS” for the three count and is now the WWE Champion. Vince McMahon rushed to the announcement table and snatched the headphones from Jerry Lawler. He contacted the backstage area (I guess) and demanded that Raw MITB winner Alberto Del Rio to come to the ring and cash in his MITB contract immediately.

Del Rio ran down to the ring and was kicked in the head by CM Punk before the bell ever rung. Alberto Del Rio did not cash in his MITB contract. CM Punk taunted Vince McMahon with the WWE Title in his hand and ran through his hometown crowd to escape Vince McMahon, and has left the WWE with the WWE Championship. The PPV ended with Cena being fired due to his loss. posted this: “He opened a black hole in the WWE Universe, seizing the WWE Championship in his hometown within his final hours as a contracted employee of Vince McMahon, sufficiently embarrassing The WWE Chairman and conquering a presumably fired John Cena, “The Champ.”

Gotta Watch Raw to See How it all breaks down.

Source: WWE Money In the Bank On PPV , WWE.COM