Closing the Local Colorado Springs Post Office- Good Idea?

Across the country, Post Office employees are holding their breath for the upcoming layoffs. The Post Office has decided to terminate over 7200 employees due to lack of money and lack of use. Is this justified?

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, there are 11 post office locations listed. With the current population in the Springs, it would appear that we probably need all of those. I am not sure what sort of business all 11 of those locations do, but the one at Prospect St. is not extremely, busy on most days. Some days, you can go in there and it is packed, but usually there are very few people standing in line. According to one of the workers at the Prospect office, they are limited to 2 people at the front counter at any given time. Whether they get busy or not, they are not allowed to have any more people at the front. I have actually seen 3 at times, but don’t know if they changed the rules for them or not.

If my local office at Prospect is any indication of the reason for the downturn in use of the Post Office, then I agree it is time to reevaluate what they do and how important their services really are. If going the way of the dinosaur and the covered wagon will create more efficiency and less expense, then it is time for the Post Office to head on over to the corral.

Prospect St Post Office became a major part of my world when I had to obtain a PO Box for mail. Our mail at home was being taken from our box. I went in and set the up the whole thing and thought I was safe. The first 6 weeks were spent sending change of address forms to everyone and getting the ball rolling. From then, I assumed, everything would go smoothly. That was a pipe dream. The PO sent mail back, they kept putting important mail in my home box, and they generally screwed up all of my bills. I began to get phone calls from debtors saying my mail had been returned saying we had moved and left no forwarding address.

After several trips in the Post Office, I was beginning to lose my patience with the whole ordeal. I talked to managers, I stood in line forever and was treated with more disrespect than I have ever encountered. The Post Office manager was more concerned with the words I was using vs getting my mail delivered correctly. I called the Post Master General in Colorado Springs, where I was helped by the Secretary, who seems to be more in charge than the Post Master General. She vowed to get my mail straightened out and assured me it would be taken care of. OK, so why did I know that was a joke. Nothing happened.

It has been two years now and I still get mail sent back, packages returned, checks sent back and other important mail rerouted and undelivered. I have stopped going in and getting angry. I am moving soon and hope to actually encounter a Post Office in our new location that will operate more efficiently. However, my bigger hope is that the Prospect St location in Colorado Springs will be shut down. I realize that jobs are on the line, but the abuse and slack attitudes that I have seen over and over there, would make me believe that these employees never thought they could lose their jobs.

Their job performance and lack of desire to be productive and efficient has given me the impression they don’t really care. At any given time, upon entering that location, you can hear the radio going in the back and a party atmosphere in play. Laughing and joking and having a wonderful time, yet people have to stand in line for long periods during the busy times, mail is messed up and rerouted. General service is the poorest I have ever seen.

It would seem that not only did the U.S. Postal Service get so big it has become the albatross in the room, it is the most inefficient organization in the country. Overpaid workers, over zealous management, and lack of true customer service, would best describe the Postal Service we have today. I think it is time to shut them down. They haven’t lost business just because of the Internet and Email. They have lost business because they have become a bunch of overpaid government workers, who have been afforded big pensions and great benefits at the expense of the American Public.

So as the downsizing begins, I would hope the people in charge recognize the offices that are actually doing their jobs and the ones who just open each day for the convenience of the employees. These are the ones that should be closed and I am sure our local Colorado Springs locations will be shivering in their boots until the downsizing is over with. Prospect St. should be the first consideration here.