Closet Gay Fame Celebrities

Recently CNN anchor Don Lemon, profess that he was gay which is his right but in the context, of the admittance I beginned to notice things concerning people, of fame. They seems to admit it proudly after writing a book speaking, of their gay life style.

We constantly see people , of simplicity claiming proudly about their happiness in being homosexual. So, you wonder about famous people hiding in the closet and feeling like the world is against them. When in reality they and they alone was afraid, of society to stand proudly in their live style.

Maybe, and this is only my opinion that it’s a form, of therapy for them speaking about it in book form. And then they traveling across the nation with book promotions to get people to purchase that book. We seen Tyler Perry profess event concerning him and his shame game to the public but somewhere within his version something doesn’t measure up when he speaks, of homelessness.

If, you notice in behind scenes, of his earlier plays he mention him love for his mother. Who had a place to stay and like many parents would have mad room for him somewhere. A minister stated there are places for people that homeless to stay but many don’t want to be in houses with rules to abide by like any pace does.

When Ellen, Rosie O’ Donnell came out, of their trying to hide their gayness they wasn’t truly fooling anyone that suspected they were that way. They only confirmed, what people suspected? Except, the big difference about these ladies they wasn’t pushing a book promotion in the process.

Did Don Lemon, along with his publisher hold back this gay truth until the book was ready to hit the stands? Then only admit it when it was written within the book. Of course with famous people and the facts does support this in many factors plays apart with people trying to seek fame in a high profile business.

Rock Hudson, the late actor for years never admitted and shouldn’t have to that he was gay in any way. A matter, of fact it was others that claimed he was that way in particular. Same thing with allegations about Montgomery Cliff and James Dean.

We see people once they a little wealthy, of well off spotlighting that they are homosexual. Sure we about to hear the days, of their realization as if it just came to their attention when in reality then was afraid to even mention it. Whatever life style you live be proud of it? Just don’t try to profit, from it, by writing a book about it.

Another pastor stated concerning church members and it rings with truth that no one would know about you personally until you start admitting it to them to know. Guesses and speculation is just that until you give it confirmation. Because in Lemon’s case we hadn’t see any associates trying to profit, from selling his lifestyle to the National Enquirer like others associates, of famous people have done.