Clicking My Way to $150,000

I have a friend who frequently finds himself saying to me — “Not another one of your hair-brained ideas. Yes, my mind is like that, I am always looking for solutions to old problems, new ways to use new technology and ways to combine new technologies. I am afraid I have arrived at yet another “hair-brained idea”. Before I tell you my idea, let me provide a bit of background. Recently, I have been reading (well, listening to) a book by Malcolm Gladwell titled The Tipping Point. This book examines the way epidemics get started. In the time frame that I was listening to this book, I read somewhere that Facebook had 500 million users. Of course when I read this, the wheels began to turn. A new hair-brained idea began to form. You see I write articles and post them to a site called the Yahoo Contributor Network (formerly Associated Content). They pay me 1.50 for every 1000 times someone clicks on one of my articles to read it. You can probably see where I am going with this. I bit of quick math reveals that if I could get just one-fifth of the people on Facebook to click on one of my articles —

At 1.50 per each 1000 clicks on my content, I am being paid $0.0015 per click.

If I can get one-fifth (100,000,000) of all Facebook users to click on a piece of my content, at $0.0015 per click, I would receive $150,000.

What this “hair brained idea” requires to work, is for everyone who reads this article to forward it to as many friends as they can or post it on their Facebook wall. The math works. If I send an e-mail containing a link to my article to three friends and they do two things, visit my article and paste it on their Facebook wall or forward my e-mail to three or more friends, it will take no more than seventeen cycles (each person visiting my article and then wall posting or sending to three or more friends), for me to reach my goal of $150,000. Now there are some flaws, if two people send to the same friend, and that person only sends to three friends (not six), then the strength of the epidemic is reduced. Secondly, there will be people who will read the e-mail and refuse to help. The remedy for these weaknesses in the plan is to raise the number of people that each helper forwards the initial e-mail to. IF YOU ARE READING THIS, please place a link to this article on your Facebook page.

This should turn out to be a very interesting social experiment on the willingness of people to help others. To click on a link and forward an e-mail to a half-dozen friends or posting on a Facebook wall is far easier than holding a door for someone at the store. The question is, how many people will take those simple steps to help a stranger. To make things more interesting, leave a comment on my article (in the Yahoo Contributor Network) — if I reach my goal, I will randomly select 10 people who have left comments and make them VERY happy to have helped. The higher my final count, the more people I will select for “special thanks”. To keep tabs on my progress, simply check back in at this article to see how many hits I have received. I will try to update the number daily.

Number of Visits : 813

How am I doing? : $1..22

It is WORKING!! You will be sorry if you weren’t a part of this. POST a link to this article on your facebook now and be a part of HISTORY. Don’t be left out.