Clever Uses and Ideas for Wire Hangers

So many times I have looked in my closet and saw so many wire hangers hanging there and I think what in the world can I do with all of them. I’m a person that hates to throw anything out and found some useful ways to put all those wire hangers to work. Use them to help out with the gas burner and with your croquet game. Use these ideas next time you’re standing in front of your closet wondering what you’re going to do with those hangers.

Ignite the pilot light

I don’t know about you but one of my least favorite things to do around the house is to light the pilot light on the gas burner. It’s the type of job that makes you cringe, even just thinking about it, am I right? Having those long stemmed matches would help but still doesn’t put enough distance between your face the pilot light.

Here is an easy way to make this job a lot less stressful, get a wire clothes hanger and straighten it out. Cut the tip off one end and use a pair of pliers to press an alligator clip onto the end of the wire hanger. If you don’t have an alligator clip, use a pair of needle-nose pliers and make a small loop on the end.

I got a little creative with this and used the small spring that you find inside a pen and attached it to the end of the wire hanger. Then I simply fit the match right into the spring. I lit the pilot light on the gas burner with no problem and still came away with my perfectly shaped eyebrows. Okay, maybe they aren’t perfectly shaped but they were still there when I was done.

Croquet anyone!

Next time you and your family are in the mood for some croquet and discover that you are missing a wicket, use a wire hanger to replace it. Take some wire cutters and cut the long bottom piece of the hanger and give it a bend or two and voila, you have a replacement wicket. The game isn’t a total lose.

To make the replacement wicket stand out more against the grass, try using a white coated wire hanger instead of the standard brown hanger. If you don’t have a white coated hanger, just get a can of spray paint and give the replacement wicket a few sprays and you’ve saved the game.

So next time you find that you have way too many wire hangers hanging in your closet, keep them to help out with your gas burner or your croquet game, bet you didn’t think they would’ve been that handy did you?

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