Cleaning Tips for Luxury Car Interiors

So you own a luxury car and are looking for cleaning tips for luxury car interiors. Well the old saying goes, “A car is only as good as its owner.” That saying could not be more true. If you own a luxury car but do not take of it then you and your car will suffer. I have seen people with a brand new Cadillac and the interior was just a mountain of junk. I am going to give you some help on making that interior look clean again for the spring time. Just follow my simple tips and you will be riding around in style in no time.

1. Take it all out
The first cleaning tip for car interiors is this: take everything out. This may seem like a daunting task but trust me. Take everything out and set it down next to the car. Do this and you are on your way to a cleaner car.

2. Dust everything
The second cleaning tip for car interiors is to dust everything. I prefer using a solution called Armor All on my car’s interior. Use this and dust every surface of the car with it. I use a micro fiber cloth so that no dust gets stuck on anything.

3. Remove any car mats of any other large items from the floor
The third cleaning tip for car interiors is to remove the car mats if you have not done so already and shake these out. They will probably be filled with dirt. You may even want to wash them off with the hose.

4. Get out the Vacuum
The fourth cleaning tip for car interiors is to get a nice shop vac or if you do not own one of these a household vacuum will do. Vacuum everything you can. Under the seats, on the seats, by your feet, the cup holders, everything. You do not want to see dirt and dust anywhere. Use the upholstery attachment so that your do not damage your seats.

5. Windex
The fifth cleaning tip for car interiors is to get out the Windex and clean the windows. Use a dust free towel for this. Again a micro fiber towel will do wonders on this.

6. Do not put anything back
The final cleaning tip for car interiors is to put only the items you need in the car back in. Maybe sunglasses or something and take the rest and put it away of throw it away.

Follow these six simple car cleaning tips and you will be off and on your way to being that hot stud or pretty girl that you should be. At the end of the day that is why you are reading this article in the first place right. So get out there and go do it. The hardest part is starting and the second hardest part is stopping.