Clean Teeth, Rosy Pink Gums, & Good Breath 24/7 Are a Cinch

I can tell you how to part company with your dentist for long periods of time and yet enjoy clean teeth, rosy pink gums and good breath 24/7. Just imagine waking up every morning and feeling so fresh in the mouth that you can head straight to the breakfast table. Brushing can wait a few hours or occasionally a few days. I discovered a good simple habit forming, only late in life.

The secret I discovered is that, it is the good, prompt and frequent rinsing of the mouth, after consuming any food, that is more important (and safer!) than brushing. When you brush you may be trying to dislodge food particles as well as hard crusty materials that have formed on your teeth. But you could be pushing food particles deeper into the crevices too; – are you not?

The idea is to prevent or absolutely minimize the formation of these hard crusty bacteria laden deposits from taking hold on our teeth’s surfaces right from the start. And flossing? Give me a root canal. I prefer that.

Brushing and flossing are like putting a file to your nails. Rinsing is like a touch-less carwash.

I am 66 now, and sometime when I was about 50, as I walked out of the dentist’s office, having my teeth cleaned and fixed for a sum equal to a good vacation bill, it occurred to me;- why don’t I from now on keep the teeth clean ‘all the time’? So I started rinsing my mouth very frequently. In fact very soon after I ate or drank anything but water, I rinsed. Oh, it was so cumbersome and secretive for so long. But soon I started coming up with strategies to accomplish just that, all explained as you read on. Even my eating pattern improved. If somebody offered me a snack, I refused. Little did they know that I was in no mood to go to the sink and rinse.

Slowly it became a common sight for people close to me to see me get up and go to the restroom after eating anything.

” Uncle, why do you do that so often?” – asked one of my nephews once after learning what I do.

“Well, I have to dissolve the sugars and wash away the food chunks, right?” I answered in a descriptive way; and I further added, “I really don’t want the mommy germs and daddy germs to make a lot of baby germs on my teeth”. “Uncle, I don’t think you even are letting the boy germ to have its first date with a girl germ” equipped my nephew with big laughter.

That’s it! – was my silent thunderous thought. True in realty or not, I am not going to let the guy germ meet his lady germ.

I can assure you that a clean mouth is 25% way to heaven already. I heard that your life span goes up by six years, on the average if you maintain a clean mouth. Why not? After all you are keeping under locked doors 32 caves with direct access to the inside of your body’s treasures.

In these past 16 years I have seen the dentist only a few times or so, for cleanup of any little build up of plaque. I am positive that the dentist is not honing on his skills at my expense.

What I am describing here is totally based on my experimentation and fine tuning of the process of rinsing my normal healthy mouth for keeping the entire mouth clean. The advice is an alternative way of keeping the hygiene of the teeth, free from, the coatings of food and sugars, and not making it a home base for harmful bacteria. This advice is for normal people with normal healthy teeth. My advice does not apply to someone suffering any disease of the mouth or having internal diseases such as diabetes, etc. which may adversely affect teeth.

I am not a doctor. I do not know all the complicated chemistry inside a mouth; but I do know that if you starve the bad germs in your mouth, steal them of their shelter, and stop them from multiplying, then your mouth will stay healthy and fresh all the time. There will not be enough of these cave dwelling critters with direct access to your insides from the cavities in and around your teeth. So again, my advice is only for the normal healthy people, that the routine, frequent and prompt rinsing the insides of your mouth is ideal for clean teeth. You have seen those commercials with someone making funny and rapid movements of the cheeks with an alcohol laden solution in the mouth? Plain water will do.

So, here are my proven and tried tips, best initiated after a professional clean-up of your teeth:

– Immediate rinsing is more important than brushing. It not only cleans teeth, but also strengthens your jaws and cheeks with push-up like exercise;

– Think of yourself as a combination tuba player and a wrapper with a mouthful of water, playing and doing about 20 performances a day;

– best time to brush is in or after the shower. During showering you have ample opportunity to rinse your mouth several times or all the time. Now if you can figure a way to have extra tooth paste and brush in the shower, you can bush under the deluge of showering! Always brush gentler than advised professionally. Remember you could embed sometimes food particles deeper by brushing. This is very unlikely with rinsing, though it may be difficult sometimes to dislodge firmly embedded particles by rinsing;

– You do go several times to the restroom during the course of the day, correct? Right after you rinse your hands, gulp some water, rinse and open your mouth to let it drain out. As for me, I am rinsing my mouth all the while in a bathroom, even when sitting on the seat!

– You can do the above at public places, such as restaurants and gas stations. I hope this practice becomes so popular that, these places may be forced to provide discreet mouth rinse basins. (You just let the water out of your mouth! You don’t have to explicitly spit into the basin.);

– Keep small bottles of water in the frequently visited areas of, work place, study, bedroom, car etc. Rinse and gulp it down. If you snoop on me and I do not know it, you may think I have a coffee percolator in my lap. That is the sound my closed mouth rinsing makes. If I find out you are approaching, the percolation stops instantly;

– After every intake of food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking) figure a way to sneak out and rinse your mouth. In fact, after you get hooked on to the rinsing, you will start controlling your eating habits!

– Just before bed time, rinse and brush;

– Occasionally if you miss the rinse, it is OK. Let the germs gather their dead and account for the frequent tsunamis. Something tells me that you will not let this happen. You will feel like walking around in really, really, dirty underwear. Oh! just picture those new armies of new germ recruits in your mouth!

– What about flossing? Somehow that never caught on with me,

– Once you get used to a clean mouth 24/7, you become so conscious of any un-rinsed food in your mouth that you land up rinsing even more;

I can now at 66 safely say that I will have my present teeth till my last days. Whatever fix-up of my teeth that I have had is all my pre-50 age. No more new cavities, gum diseases, root canals, et cetera. Good bye for now my dear dentist. For you, I will keep my mouth shut and hush up.