Clash of the Titans

Sound the trumpets. Beat the drums. The debt ceiling of $14.25 trillion will hit the high watermark in mid May, and we must desperately raise the debt limit or all hell will break loose with regard to this nation economy.

Republicans need a commitment that democrats will agree to deeper spending cuts before they’ll even consider raising our debt limit. Of course the only spending cuts they’ll agree to would slice through liberal, or moderate programs like a hot knife through butter. If you’re female, or gay, or member of a minority, elderly, handicapped, or just plain poor…boy, has the GOP got some downsizing for you.

The ruling by the Supreme Court in January of 2010 now makes it possible for republicans to vote against everything in the budget that has a positive effect on the less fortunate, and still be re-elected. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court virtually ruled gargantuan industries, and of course an array of small feeder fish, are more American than ordinary Americans. And we all know that big business will always look out for the little guy when determining unregulated health,safety,wealth and retirement issues.

Yes, republicans have devised a way to bake the cake, slice it, and consume the whole darn thing.They can flagrantly vote against the interests of average citizens, yet not risk losing their seats…thanks in large to the Supreme Court ruling. Surely a witches brew of ideological stew that is bound and determined to poison this nation as surely as the apple an evil Queen tricked Snow White into consuming. In other words my fellow Americans—we desperately need President Obama to play the role of prince Charming.

John Boehner will have his job cut out for him. This battle will be way,way,way more contentious than the food fight that was finally settled without too many pies landing on the faces of GOP members on April 8. The 2012 FY budget has to be passed by October 1st. And this is the Battle Royale republicans have set up as a showdown to prove:

A. They can punk the incumbent democrats thus humiliating the democratic base

B. Be re-elected in 2012 because thanks to the Supreme Court, they now control the electorate

Like I mentioned earlier, unless you’re a member of the mega millionaires club, it doesn’t bode well for the home team.

Democrats need to quit whining and start winning. I don’t care how many dinero big business throws toward false advertising with homey little titles. Votes win elections.

If the voting American public realizes, or figures out that republican strategies today are no better than Herbert Hoover’s in the 1920’s, they’ll either rally to the side of self preservation, or they can get their tin cups ready. This is not a joke. President Obama, Senator Reid, and Speaker Boehner are headed into rough waters and hidden icebergs not unlike the Titanic did on her maiden voyage in 1912. It will literally be a do or die situation.

I suppose the Tea Party haters are going to rebuke this column as just another bleeding heart liberal deliberating about class warfare. Well, I’ll remind my fake tea party brethren that the real teapartiers demonstrated against the King of England and his affinity for authorizing taxation without representation. Joe the plumber spouted this nonsense during the 2008 presidential elections, until somebody pulled his coattail and whispered in his ear “Senator Obama will cut your taxes”. This rubbish continued with tea party nitwits early in the health care debate before they accidentally switched the news from FOX to CNN and found they too were paying less taxes under President Obama. And goo gobs of them were either on social security and medicare…or were just a stones throw away.

Oh how the truth must hurt.