Claim of Waterboarding as Reason for Info on Bin Laden is Untrue

Rep. Peter King made the a statement to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly that “Water Boarding” prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Prison was the method and reason that the United States obtained the information that lead to the raid in Pakistan, in which Osama Bin Laden was killed.

This statement is not only false, but a clear ploy by the Right Wing Conservative Congressman from New York’s 3rd district, to justify the illegal torture and detentions that the United States continues to commit on a daily basis.

The Congressman is not only Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee but also sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Mr. King has a vested interest in swaying the American public into believing that torture of Guantanamo Bay Prisoners produces justifiable results. Being in the intelligence community at a high level of authority, it is much easier to subvert and skirt around pesky civil rights laws if the American people will tolerate a certain amount of leeway. This makes intelligence gathering much easier, but it also makes the intelligence that is gathered much less likely to produce results.

According to Larry Johnson co-founder of BERG Associates, an expert in Counter Terrorism and a leading consultant for the CIA, the real credit for the intelligence that lead to the death of Osama Bin Laden belongs to General Stan McChrystal.

In Johnson’s article “Obama vs. Osama, Thank Stan McChrystal” he points out that a method and approach developed by McChrystal of sharing information in real time with operators in the field has been the key to many successful operations since its implementation.

Of McChrystal’s contribution Johnson states: “The system he created succeeded in locating and killing the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Zarqawi, in May 2006. The system used in Iraq was not fully transferred and used in Afghanistan until August of 2008. Once in place in Afghanistan our ability to find and eliminate senior and mid-level cadre of Al Qaeda and the Taliban accelerated dramatically.”

In the article Mr. Johnson directly disputes Congressman Kings claims of “Water Boarding” as the reason that the United States was able to locate Osama Bin Laden:

“Although the Obama Administration is pushing the line that we found Bin Laden thanks to water boarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, this is horseshit. That story is disinformation. For starters, any information collected from someone four or five years ago is perishable. The normal goal in an interrogation is to get info that is months old, not years old. It is a sign of the desperation of the right to peddle such nonsense as fact. We are not putting out how we actually got the info in order to not compromise those sources.”

The fact the Peter King would go on national television and make claims that torture is a viable method of interrogation after countless numbers of experts in the fields of psychology, criminal justice and interrogation methods made it clear that any information obtained during interrogations where torture is used, is most often not reliable, is evidence of the contempt that he demonstrates toward the ideas that are framed in the Constitution of the United States.

The America citizenry has allowed their rights and liberties to be removed in incremental fashion because representatives like Mr. King are master disinformation specialists. They use the media to manipulate the opinion of citizens that look to their representatives in the government for the truth. The sad fact is that there are less and less people in political power that know what the truth is, or speak it on a regular basis.