Civil War in Hudson County–does the HCDO Have the Most Power

In Hudson County the first sign of strength in how the elections status quo or power wattage looks starts at the school boards'”carry over to the municipal elections, and then place a burden on the Democratic Primary. And in Hudson County the politics of the day is very exciting. Where the Hudson County Democratic Organization is at its breaking point, and now scrambling! Hudson County Democratic Organization Chairman is now facing scrutiny and problems. First, everyone of those candidates supported by Mayor Mark Smith outside of Bayonne, and a few inside Bayonne lost their elections in the local school board elections.

All political analysts in Hudson County has called the political organization inside the county weak ‘” which has been lead by Mayor Mark Smith'”which includes Jersey Journal Auggie Torres, who has been a political consultant for almost 20 years. He stated that the Hudson County Democratic Organization ‘” which he calls “HCDeadO” meaning that organization, is walking dead. This spells trouble for the chief of politics in the state of New Jersey in Senator Robert Menendez.

Senator Robert Menendez has lost 80% of the candidates that he has supported'”where it lead from West New York commissioner Sal Vega, all the way down to Hoboken’s defeat. Senator Robert Menendez placed his trust and conventional wisdom to or on the leadership of Hudson County Democratic Organization. And that trust failed him, since Mayor Mark Smith wasn’t able to deliver on two consecutive small elections.

Even though this isn’t big on how it impacts future election ‘” which will show test of what power the HCDO, has on the politics of the day. At the end of the day Mayor Mark Smith hasn’t been that leader of the party that was first described. And the civil war with Public Advocate Omar Dyer is showing who is changing the tides of power in Hudson County.

Who is Omar Dyer?

Omar Dyer is a grassroots organizer from Hoboken New Jersey, and lives in Jersey City New Jersey. He was a local volunteer with Organizing For America ‘” which is lead by President Barack Obama. After earning and grass-rooted his way to an appointment as Hudson County’s Public Advocate'”while earning an appointment to the Democratic National Committee ‘” Omar Dyer has become the power house of organizing the base. He protest and fights for the rights of the people, select candidates that can win. Omar Dyer has volunteered his services on helping every opponent that isn’t sponsored by Hudson County Democratic Organization. And in the process he has inspired a bunch of up and coming candidates. Yet, no-one can attest or play court-test to the influence on the political civil war going on in Hudson County. Although it leaves the level of surprise coming in 2012, and coming in for the future of the Hudson County Democratic Organization!

As Steven Fulop makes his push for Mayor of Jersey City, the problem becomes ‘” does he want the support of the Hudson County Democratic Organization'”or if he wants to continue his push. Steven Fulop who is a councilman in Jersey City has placed control on his plans for how he wants to improve Jersey City. And has stated he will run for Mayor of the City in 2013, while growing his campaign. Yet, outside of Jersey City the power base has shifted, and many people are pointing fingers ‘” while Mayor Mark Smith’s camp and the Hudson County Democratic Organization is walking with their tails in their behind.