CityVille – Zynga Game Review

You may have heard of Zynga, especially if you’ve got a Facebook account. It’s known for having created social internet games such as FarmVille, Café World, Treasure Isle, along with many other social games, which can only be played via Facebook. But this time, Zynga has really outdone itself with CityVille, a new social game app which has taken off like a hot rocket.

About Zynga

The company was created July 2007. The developer dedicated its vision in making social fun games for people to play with their friends, and since then have become the largest developer of social games on the web in the process. Its platform is Facebook.


Enter CityVille, with over 88 million monthly active users this game is not just for kids. The social game is affecting people worldwide, and has made it to a 4.7 out of a 5-star review. People from all ethnic backgrounds are joining in the social fun of creating their very own virtual city, and they can call it any name they want. The more friends a player has, the more exciting the game becomes. This simple fun game is addictive.

Unlike FarmVille – its opposite neighbor – people learn how to build community buildings such as City Hall, banks, post offices, firehouses, museums and whatever it takes to turn a town into a big-time city. Farms are needed to fuel the merchandise to keep the businesses going for the many types of ‘family homes’ that one can build, right up to giant skyscrapers; and if you ever get tired of your city’s name, you can even change it via the “Clerk’s Office”!

It’s all really quite a simple concept. CityVille players start off with a 12’x12′ lot of space, with a scenic background of wooded land, an ocean, and water inlet.

Trees first need to be cut, in order to make room for the growing city. Shipment ‘goods’ to fuel businesses can either be done via farming, the railroad and even boats! The monetary figures are in coins and dollars. The more businesses are generated, the more the money comes in. The more money, the more houses, condos and skyscrapers a player can build. Community buildings are needed to handle the growing population. The players can expand their businesses into friends’ cities to create franchises.

The real fun comes in with the constant interaction between friends sending each other items which they need to complete their community buildings, or factories.

The sound effects are great from trees being chopped, to seeing little police cars riding around and boats sailing off over the ocean. Not forgetting seeing virtual people going in and out of the buildings. Players are presently waiting for the next stage: a bridge to cross the river, heading towards the ‘Beach’.

Did I say it was addictive? Share your own review below in comments.


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