Circle S Guest Ranch & Country Inn, Lawrence KS

April showers may bring May flowers but if this late March snow keeps the buffalo from roaming, visitors to my next destination may be able to catch a glimpse. Our long winters road took us way up and out to Lawrence Kansas at Circle S Guest Ranch and Country Inn (1). Built from the ground up 13 years ago Circle S offers visitors to the area all the peace and relaxation they could want. Quite literally buffalo walk right up to the inn. Wild animal sighting are interesting and finding your peace within that is therapeutic for some, but how are the beds? What makes a trip to Circle S Ranch and Country Inn worth the distance you’d come? Let’s head on inside Circle S Ranch out of the snow and see if this is somewhere that you should Sleep Here Now (2).

The more than 1200 acres that the Circle S Bed & Breakfast sits on are surrounded by some 5000 acres which are in the owner’s family. That much acreage leads to all manner of animal becoming a part of the bed and breakfasts identity. Some buffalo came out in the snow the day we were there to chomp down on the long grass. Circle S also plays host to a number of ponies, longhorns, wild mustangs, and Lucy, the inns resident golden retriever.

Weddings are a big part of what makes the Circle S Guest Ranch and Country Inn tick. Brides can host as many as 200+ people on the Circle S Guest Ranch’s property. Weddings happen all times of the year as the ranch has facilities both inside and out. Weddings at Circle Ranch includes reception and ceremony space. Circle S even has room for some 30 guests to sleep so if you’re considering a smaller destination wedding or if you have a lot of visitors coming from far away, they all will have somewhere to stay.

The rooms at Circle S Guest Ranch and Country Inn have something of a unified theme while still each being distinct. The room we were in on the third floor had a hot tub and a fireplace which played both in the bedroom and in the attached private bath. The fact that signal strength was low mean that we had to resort to our more base instincts. The wife and I went head to head in Monopoly and we split a pair of games. There is also a second floor hot tube which is open to the epic ceiling probably some 40 feet above on the third floor, with the walkway to the third floor spanning the perimeter.

We awoke to a snow peppered landscape and still more buffalo outside our third floor window. Breakfast the day we left was a satisfying egg, potato, and buttermilk biscuit and then we were on our way. Circle S Guest Ranch and Country Inn is certainly a destination; tucked so far back away from it all that many residents of Lawrence don’t even know of its existence. They have been here for 13 years but if you are coming in from out of the area; don’t trust your GPS or maps program. Innkeeper Mary and her attentive staff are sure to help you arrive without issue and enjoy your stay. Circle S Guest Ranch is awe-inspired in its simplicity. Return guests have found a low-stress vacation; particularly when they’re looking to turn off their electronics and get in touch with their more rugged instincts.