Christina Hendricks’ Breasts Steal Buzz from Broadway Debut

Christina Hendricks’ breasts have been a help and a hindrance for her. While Hendricks’ figure has become her trademark, her looks often overshadow the rest of her career and accomplishments. It happened again last week, when the Mad Men star made her Broadway debut in a star-studded adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s Company. However, the major story about it on the Internet was a revealing picture of her and Neil Patrick Harris in bed.

The Internet is filled with images of Hendricks showing off her cleavage on the red carpet. Yet even by those standards, the leaked shot of her in a revealing nightgown with Harris was quite noticeable to many. But they won’t get to see it in person, since Company was only set to be performed from April 7-9.

While the photo was the major talking point in some online circles, it was far from the most notable part of the production. Along with Hendricks and Harris, the New York Philharmonic also featured stars like Patti LaPone, Jon Cryer, Stephen Colbert and Martha Plimpton for these few nights. With these many notable names singing Sondheim tunes, it was bound to be a big draw no matter what.

The reviews were strong as well, with Hendricks earning praise for her stage debut. However, as with a lot of her work, her breasts became a bigger talking point in the online world. Yet despite that recurring problem, she is still keeping very busy with her actual career.

In addition to performing in Company,she continues to rise as a fashion icon, as she is the face of Vivienne Westwood’s new jewelry collection. She is even back on television tonight, albeit not in the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Instead, she is the guest judge on a new episode of Top Chef Masters in her first of two upcoming guest star turns.

This coming Tuesday, Hendricks will be seen working with her husband, Geoffrey Arend, in his new ABC series Body of Proof. In addition to facing her husband and Dana Delany, she gets to play twins – one living, one dead – as the case draws a “personal interest” in Arend’s character.

At the least, the actress is not lacking for work during the long wait for Mad Men‘sreturn in early 2012. Hendricks is using the offseason to broaden her horizons, even if some still can’t look past her body.


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