Christ the King Catholic School Preschool Program Runs Circles Around the Competition

The preschool program is one of the best programs in the city with a no nonsense atmospheres. The student teacher ratio is about 6.5 to 1 and this allows the children to get the attention they need to grow and develop properly. It is apart of a great elementary school that has been listed on the Skillman’s Good Schools in Detroit, Michigan scoring high grades in most areas. The curriculum and how it is taught leads directly into the Kindergarten program which makes the transition an easy one.

The preschool is full day with the option of latchkey as late at 6 p.m. for parents who work late during the week. This is very helpful and very affordable for the families. The children are taught responsibility and to respect others. They learn to be a more independent thinker and to develop relationships.

They begin practicing writing skills, and are introduced to spelling, and adding. My child has learned words that some first graders don’t know and was taught in a way that she loved learning. While they teach the children they don’t seem to be stressed and the learning is at a pace comfortable for preschoolers.

The program encourages a family atmosphere with family involvement and support. Parents are encouraged to participate in the growth and education of the children at school as volunteers in classroom activities which creates an extended family with the school.

Since the school is apart of an elementary school some of the older children are encouraged to participate in helping the preschoolers. This further enhances the family environment in the school and it helps with there transition to kindergarten. By the time the children go to kindergarten they are so familiar with the school, people and atmosphere that they are able to excel in studies faster than those just starting out.

They choose great educational and fun field trips for the children to go on and offer lots of great activities for the entire family year round. They have had kite making projects, they publish books, books sales, library trips and many other activities that the kids really love to attend.

The school is competitively priced and in some cases offering more than the competition which gives the families a much better value for their money. Families are given flexible payment options which makes it possible for almost any child to attend.

On top of all of these great qualities the children really seem to enjoy the school and going to it everyday.