Chris Daughtry Songs

Chris Daughtry songs are either heartfelt ballads, or hard hitting rock tracks. He gained popularity by placing fourth on the hit television show “American Idol.” Since then, his band Daughtry went on to release two successful albums full of songs that became hit singles. His bands debut album was released in 2007, and it went on to be the best selling album of that year. Chris Daughtry songs have relatable lyrics paired with catchy melodies which has made him the most successful “American Idol” contestant that is part of a full band.

  1. “Home” This Chris Daughtry song was written before he appeared on the television show “American Idol.” After he got booted from “American Idol” Daughtry sang this song to the head of Sony, and it landed him a record contract. Daughtry wrote the song on his own, and the single sold 1.96 million copies. This Chris Daughtry song was the second single on his 2007 self-titled debut album.
  2. “Over You” Released from his 2007 self-titled album, this Chris Daughtry song went on to sell just over 1.2 million copies. Daughtry co-wrote this heartfelt song with Brian Howes . The lyrics are about his significant other being cold hearted when breaking up with him. The song goes on to be about how he is finally getting over her, something he thought would never happen. The single went on to reach #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  3. “No Surprise” The lead single from Chris Daughtry’s sophomore release “Leave This Town” was this song. Four writers penned this song, Chris Daughtry , Nickelback’s lead singer Chad Kroeger , Eric Dill, and Rune Westberg . Since Chris Daughtry got his start on “American Idol,” and fans of the show carried on to become fans of his, Daughtry premiered “No Surprise” on “American Idol.” This song sold just over 1.1 million copies, and reached #15 on Billboard Hot 100.
  4. “It’s Not Over” This Chris Daughtry song is a rock ballad from his self-titled debut album. It was the lead single from ” Daughtry ,” and the single went on to sell just over two million copies. To date, it is the best-selling single by a male artist who was on the television show “American Idol.” The lyrics are about wanting to start over with an ex that has left him. This Chris Daughtry song reached #4 on Billboard Hot 100.
  5. “September” The title of Daughtry’s 2009 album “Leave This Town” comes from a lyric in this song. The lyrics were written by Chris Daughtry , and guitarist Josh Steely. The song is about how taking a chance can have a good or bad outcome. Chris Daughtry described the song to be about how running from problems never solve anything, and facing them head on could lead to redemption. The ballad went on to reach #36 on Billboard Hot 100.