Choosing Clothes that Make You Look Slim and Fit

Wearing black is one of the great old standbys. Black hides bulges and can obscure your “flaws.” Since the beginning of fashion we’ve all known that black is slimming. Do be aware that not everything black is good for your figure though. If the garment is too tight or has frills or poofs, it can actually make you look bigger! Be sensible in combining the right color with the right fit.

On that note, you should avoid clothes that are too tight. Squeezing into clothes that are too small or have an ill fit aren’t going to make you look thinner. They’re going to make you uncomfortable and create unsightly bulges or “muffin top.” You don’t want clothes that are too bulky either. You may think loose clothing will hide your unsightly bits, but in reality you’re just creating a tent effect that will make you look even bigger. Baggy clothing is rarely a good way to look thinner. Choose clothing that comfortably fits your size.

Try to avoid extremely straight dresses. Dresses with no shape can end up making you look wide. It’s a good idea to get dresses that have a tapered waist, or use belts and sashes to gently draw in the middle of the dress to create shape. Don’t cinch the waist tight, just bring it in enough to get a gentle curve look. It can also be a good idea, if you can afford it, to get your clothes tailored to suit your shape. A good tailor or seamstress can add tucks, pleats and other adjustments that will have a flattering effect and help you look taller and slimmer.

Steer clear of horizontal stripes. Subtle pin stripes may not be bad, but wide or bold colored stripes have a way of making the body look wider and shorter. If you want to wear stripes, try delicate pin stripes, and always vertical. They will create the illusion of a longer, slimmer shape, and thus will aid in making you look leaner.

A final tip is to wear colors that blend rather than contrast. For example, a yellow top and pink bottom will create a stark contrast and attract attention to the waist, and the body in general. If you wore two shades of pink, there would be less contrast, the appearance would flow, and you could draw attention to your “assets” through the use of accessories.

Whatever your shape, you should find clothing and styles that make you look and feel your best. Don’t worry if you can’t wear the latest “trendy” items. Feeling good about your appearance and body is far more important than matching a style that will likely change in a month or two. Search out the styles and shapes that make you feel fantastic.