Hi I pray all of you have had a blessed week and always remember if you are in a place where you are Loved, Honored and Respected, it could be a job, a marriage, a friendship, whatever it may be, stay there do not be tempted away for this is a gift from God.

What I would like to speak about today I got the inspiration from Jentezen Franklin. This topic is for both the saved Christian and the unsaved person. Choices.

Choices I know most of you have heard it determine the lives we have here on earth and most importantly the life we will have after we leave here.

I have written an earlier article that God speaks to us which he does, the title of that article is called the Holy Spirit in which I said we as saved Christians one of the ways God speaks to us is through the Holy Spirit.

When we have the urge to do some thing wrong, the Spirit speaks to us, warns us not to do it, think about it you know you heard it but at that time you chose not to listen and you more than likely can remember what the results were. Now what happened people the Holy Spirit was warning you but you did not listen and what happens we do it again and again and we get ourselves further into trouble.

For the unbelievers you were approached by a believer sometime in your life probably more than once and you made the conscious choice not to listen. That was a choice you will forever regret when your time here is done. See the Lord put those people in front of you to give you a chance, to help you, but through your choice you decided not to accept his help.

Now unbelievers you might go on to have a prosperous life here on earth, you might be living the life here having a great old time, but what happens when your time here is done? You did not listen to those people God put in front of you and when you leave here you will find yourselves in darkness and torment but don’t blame God you made the decision, the choice to get to where you are.

Or unbeliever your life could be going horribly wrong, there are days you don’t want to get up in the morning things just seem to be getting worse and worse, see this can also happen to a believer but the believer has someone to pray to someone who will listen to them and heal them and help them and eventually turn things around for them. This I speak from personal experience.

But what leads us to these moments to make the bad choices that we make? In all of my writings I include, if you are in a place where you are Loved, Honored, and Respected, could be a job, a marriage, a friendship or whatever it may be, stay there do not be tempted away for this is a gift from God. Now believers whose life might be in turmoil today is it because you were tempted away from one of Gods gifts? Did you quit your job because you were unhappy with something there? I remember at one of the jobs in my past we had some people from the corporate office come speak to us and one of them asked us a question, he asked is your personal life perfect? Everyone in the room said no. The person that asked that question then asked well why do you expect it from your job?

You were married to a beautiful person who truly loved you, but someone else came along that looked better to you and treated you like a King or Queen so you left the person that loved you so much to go to this other person, and guess what things got worse for you, there is not a day in your life that you wish you would not have made that bad choice.

I could go on and on but I know you get the message, your choices got you to where you are today. Some of us no matter how many times the Holy Spirit talks to us, warns us, still make bad choice after bad choice we do not listen we even fool ourselves into thinking it is not the Spirit that is speaking to us. We can quench the Spirit in which the Holy Spirit can leave a saved Christian through constant disobedience.

If you look back you will see the decisions you have made got you to where you are today. Some choices can have a devastating effect on your life immediately where some can have small effects but in the end enough of them can lead to a devastating effect over time.

The enemy is constantly tempting us but we have to listen to the Holy Spirit. Do not follow behind and do what unsaved people lead us into. Again listen to the Spirit. One or two bad apples do not have to spoil the whole bunch. Let it be where one good apple can save the bad apples.

For the unbeliever my message is get saved become a Christian choose Salvation.

Have a blessed week, and if God willing speak with you soon..