Chocolate as a Secondary Income

Chocolate may be the one food that is loved by more people worldwide than any other. This tasty treat, which may actually have some health benefits, is rarely, if ever, refused when offered. Dove Chocolate, of all the chocolates, may just be the best of the brands for the money. Dove has introduced a new program that allows chocolate lovers everywhere to turn that love into a nice secondary income as a chocolatier.

The idea of companies allowing individuals to sell their products through home sales is nothing new. Tupperware, Avon and Mary Kay have all done very well by letting ordinary, everyday people promote their products in their own homes. In recent years the spectrum of products sold at home parties range from the mild of candles to the wild of sex products. While all those products have their fans, they all pale in comparison to the potential of a home chocolate party.

Dove Chocolate has started a home party sales program that works much like those of other products, with one big advantage: you sell chocolate. Dove is banking on the reaction of your friends when you ask them if they would like to come to a chocolate party. Tupperware, no. Cosmetics, maybe. Chocolate, definitely. You won’t have to twist anyone’s arm when it comes to chocolate.

The program has many benefits. It allows you to work for yourself and set your own hours. Along with that, they allow you to earn an extra income while making friends and having fun. You can choose to become an independent chocolatier, where you can earn anywhere from 20 percent to 40 percent of your total sales. This is for the person serious about earning a good secondary income and having some fun while doing it.

The chocolate lovers who are just looking for fun and maybe some small rewards can choose to just host an occasional chocolate party in their home. Here, Dove rewards the party host with significant discounts on the purchase of the products. The more the people at your party buy, the bigger the discount you receive on some great chocolate for yourself. You can choose to enjoy the treats you earn yourself or sell them for additional income.

Dove has also put together a program for advancement through which you can become a sponsor or a mentor and earn additional income from others working under you selling at their own parties. There are also no geographical territories, so you can sell or sponsor in any state where Dove offers the program.

Packages, which start as low as $159, come complete with everything you need. Samples of many of the most popular Dove chocolates are there. They also include various printed materials you will need, both promotional and order forms. And as a special bonus, a rolling cooler to get your product to the party.

When you think of potential ways to make a secondary income, does it get any better than chocolate? Especially when the chocolate is a high quality brand like Dove. Full details about the program are available at A chocolate party. I like the sound of that, but then again who doesn’t?