Chicago’s Stars of Tomorrow Summer Spectacular Offers Family Entertainment

Last week, I had tickets for a local rock tour and was waiting outside of a club for the bus to arrive. I happened to be there extra early so I decided to take a seat inside the venue and have a drink. All of a sudden, a flood of kids and parents started flocking toward the back door of the club. I could not figure out what was going on, especially because many of these children were wearing outfits that made them look like they were auditioning for KISS or The Ramones!

Can you picture seeing dozens of little ones wearing black leather jackets, eye liner and stage makeup? There were even a couple Mohawks, along with vintage punk rock attitude and attire. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I was definitely intrigued. It ended up that the club was hosting an afternoon show of a children’s rock concert and these were the musicians, all heading toward their big debut on the stage. It was a pretty cool sight to see all those mini rockers parading by, with their moms and dads happily following them, beaming with pride.

When I found out about this upcoming event taking place next week called “Stars of Tomorrow Summer Spectacular,” I imagine the scene will be pretty similar. Talented children, proud parents, awesome music. It’s a day of entertainment that features 15 pop groups comprised entirely of kids from Chicago area schools. All the performers are between the ages of 6-18 and students in The Intonation Music Workshop, which is an after-school education program with a focus on pop music.

Through the years, I have heard young performers that have truly blown my mind, and others that have made me just smile with their slightly off-key voice or trembling guitar playing. But still, it’s so inspiring and beautiful to see kids doing something they enjoy and getting introduced to the wonderful world of music at such an early stage in their lives.

The “Stars of Tomorrow Summer Spectacular” also features a musical petting zoo, rock star face painting (maybe your kids can get their face painted like Gene Simmons or something?) and, two of my favorite planned activities, kids can design their own album cover in the craft zone and, for all those Justin Bieber fans out there, you can visit the “Biebermatic” photo booth. I love it. It sounds like everyone will have a blast. Who knows, maybe when the kids aren’t looking, mom can get all diva glammed out and take a couple pix in the Bieber booth!

All the good times take place on Saturday, June 4th, 2011 from 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at CICS Bucktown, 2235 N. Hamilton, Chicago. The cost is just a $5 donation.

To find out more information about this event and to see what types of programs are offered for children at the music workshops, please visit: