Chelsea Kane, Meet Mitzi Gaynor!

I turn on Dancing with the Stars each week and am swept back to my teen years when I loved watching singer and actress Mitzi Gaynor on the big screen. On television I have similar entertainment excitement when I see Chelsea Kane dancing with Mark Ballas. Chelsea takes me back to my Mitzi years. She is vivacious, animated, cheerful and fun to watch with Mark. Alas, I miss Mitzi.

Mitzi was spunky as does Chelsea appear to be. So, are there more similarities in their lives and careers? Inquiring minds want to know – I do!

Both are born in September.

Both are American actresses and singers.

Both are “only children”.

Mitzi is considered one of the All American Girl stars, and Chelsea is a Disney star…similar.

Both changed their names. Chelsea was born Chelsea Kane Staub in Arizona. Mitzi was given a long birth name, Francesca Marlene de Czanyi von Gerber, when she was born in Chicago.

Chelsea began performing at 9. Mitzi at 13.

Chelsea’s credits include Young Kim in Broadway’s Showboat. Other roles were in The Wiz, Cinderella, Annie, Titanic, Peter Pan, The Sound of Music, The Secret Garden, Schoolhouse Rock and more. With Disney she has starred in Minutemen and Starstruck, and guest starred in episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the Bill Engvall Show, to name a few.

For 52 years, Mitzi was married to Jack Bean who helped her succeed in her career. He died in 2006. She is the President of the Professional Dancers Society.

Chelsea is dating Stephen Colletti now.

Mitzi was a ballerina as a youngster. Mitzi’ mom was at one point a ballroom dancer (Ah ha! A huge similarity!) in the team known as Pauline and Rodriquez. Her dad was a Hungarian-immigrant cellist and a conductor. Mitzi’s first break was in the corps de ballet at the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera. Her aunt Francine Woodbury encouraged her in learning ballet. Her first film was My Blue Heaven, followed by film roles with There’s No Business Like Show Business, Anything Goes, and Les Girls. Her biggest film is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific, occasionally shown on television. She has starred on stage, film, clubs, concerts, and Las Vegas shows.

Chelsea is 5’6″.

Mitzi is 5’6″.

Chelsea’s favorite candy-gum is Razzles.

Mitzi currently stars in her one woman show, “Razzle-Dazzle: My Life Behind the Sequins!”

Chelsea has a pet Pug. Couldn’t find a pet linked with Mitzi. Oh, well.

Mitzi survived cancer. I hope neither ever faces this in the future.

So…where am I in all of this? Intrigued with Chelsea! I will follow her career, happy with my memories of Mitzi and excited for the bubbly career that Chelsea should have.

Follow along with me…I am going to go find Razzles to eat!!