Cheap Ways to Take a Vacation

Taking a vacation is not a cheap endeavor, especially with gas prices at an all-time high. This makes planning a summer getaway difficult, if not impossible for many struggling families. The further away the destination, the higher the cost of travel. Add the expense of overnight accommodations into the equation, and getting away might be nothing more than a dream. Use these cheap ways to take a real vacation, and get away from home for far less than ever imagined. It is possible to enjoy a week or more away without draining the bank account or going seriously into debt.

Apply for a Gasoline Credit Card for Extra Savings

When taking a vacation by vehicle, gas is a major expense. Take the edge off by obtaining a gasoline credit card that offers a discount on every gallon purchased. Some offer a hefty rebate when the account is approved. Every little bit helps when looking for cheap ways to take a vacation, and this can shave off several cents per gallon. Add up the approximate cost of four or more tanks of gas and the savings is phenomenal. Just be sure to pay the debt when the bill arrives or the vacation will not be cheap. Saving several cents per gallon will not offset the cost of going anywhere once exorbitant interest rates are applied.

Make a Rental Cottage your Destination

It is not possible to avoid high gas prices when looking for cheap ways to take a vacation, but it is possible to lower the cost of overnight accommodations and food. This can more than make up for the high price of traveling to the location. When looking for cheap ways to take a vacation, make a rental cottage your destination instead of staying in hotels or motels. You will be able to use a full-size refrigerator, stove, a television and most of the amenities of home. It will also be more spacious and private than an average hotel room. Night for night a rental cottage costs far less than a week in a hotel. This type of vacation can cost less than half the price, and the possibilities are far greater. When trying to get away on the cheap, prepare one or two meals a day instead of dining out. A cottage rental is one of the very best ways to take a vacation on the cheap, and without sacrificing comfort or fun.

Choose an Area with Plenty to Do within Close Proximity

When looking for cheap ways to take a vacation, do your homework before choosing a destination. In addition to staying in a rental cottage instead of motels or hotels night after night, make sure the area has plenty to do and within close proximity to home base. This will help considerably when trying to take a cheap vacation without sacrificing activities and entertainment.

Buy an Entertainment Book for that Location

Entertainment books can save hundreds of dollars at home, and they can save even more when away. While looking for cheap ways to take a vacation, buy an Entertainment book that encompasses the area you plan to visit. They can be found at Walgreens or online. The coupons and Entertainment card discounts can save a considerable amount of money on vacation meals, activities and more. One or two meals alone will pay for the book.

Avoid the Tourist Traps

Avoid selecting a location with lots of tourist traps when looking for ways to take a cheap vacation. Forget about overrated locations and activities meant to lure in vacation tourists. They are way overpriced and not ideal when looking for cheap ways to take a vacation. Go where the locals go. Visit state and county parks, museums and festivals. A cheap vacation does not have to lack entertainment and fun.