Cheap Tropical Getaways for Under $1000

In today’s economy everyone wants to travel cheaply. Most people think they found good deals only to find out that there are better deals out. I am here to discuss some great cheap tropical getaways for under a $1000 per person. Note that this does not include airfare to get you to the destination. There are hundreds of tropical destinations that you go to but I am going to lay out for you the top five cheap tropical getaways. They include Hawaii, a cruise, the Bahamas, Florida, and Mexico.

I feel that a cruise is the biggest bang for your buck. The reason why is because you get so much for your money. If a five night Bahamas cruise will run you about $400 per person. This includes all of your food, all your entertainment, and it’ll take you all over the Caribbean. I honestly feel that this is the best cheap tropical getaway for under $1000 per person. My favorite cruise line is Royal Caribbean. I feel that they surpass the other cruise line by a lot. Just check them out for yourself.

Hawaii is one of the most extravagant exclusive states of the United States of America. Travelers from all over the world go here every year. Will people don’t realize is Hawaii can be done cheaply. Firstly this first this for under $1000 your the one not go for a seven daytrip. Just cutting back two days to a five night trip to Hawaii can save you hundreds of dollars. Find a hotel that is not on the beach but still in Waikiki. You can go to do things such as take a tour of Pearl Harbor for only eight dollars or Just go lounge on the beach all day for free. The secret is enjoy your time or your you will have a good time.

The Bahamas
The Bahamas is the next choice but I would suggest for a nice cheap tropical getaway for under $1000 per person. The reason being is a rates are extremely low in the Bahamas. For only $80 a night you can stay at a very nice hotel. Your hotel will be walking distance to the beach, and large enough and comfortable enough for all your needs. The Bahamas has restaurants that have really good food for about $20 per person. If you are outdoors person you may rent a bike for only $6 a day. The Bahamas is fun and relaxing I would recommend it to anybody.

Florida is another great cheap tropical getaway. My favorite part of Florida to go to his St. Pete Beach. Here you will find room rates for about $60 a night. You can go to dinner anywhere in the area and not spend over $30 per person. You are rent a bike you can and it will cost you only $30 for the week. This is a great place to take your family or go on a honeymoon. Believe it or not St. Pete Beach is one of the largest honeymoon areas in Florida.

Mexico again is a great cheap tropical getaway. When I say Mexico however I am referring to Cancun. Believe it or not for under $1000 per person you can get flight an all-inclusive hotel. This is similar to the cruise where you get all of your entertainment, food, flight, and hotel. This is great because you don’t even have to spend any more money if you don’t want to. One of my favorite things to do in Cancun is just t lounge around. Nothing is better.

These are the top five cheap tropical getaways for under $1000 per person that I can come up with but that’s not all of them out there. In my lifetime I have traveled so many different places. There are fun tropical getaways. But you can have just as much fun at a dude ranch getaway, or in an unknown city to you like New York City is to me, or even just camping with your family. Some of the most memorable times in my life and camping. Or go visit the nation’s capital Washington DC. All this and more are so much fun and all of these vacations can be done cheaply.