Cheap and Free Ways to Organize Small Items

How do you organize small items? Maybe you don’t. Got a lot of doo-dads and thing-a-ma-bobs? Love the little things in life? Whether it’s earrings, collectables or something else entirely, I’ve got your solution. Why? Because I love little things too. I learned a long time ago that getting them all organized saves me a lot of time and frustration. Here’s some cheap and free ways to organize. Small items are no match for these ideas.

I use cheap bead boxes to store small handmade jewelry. These containers are sold at craft stores for less than two dollars. They have multiple sections for sorting beads. I use them for bead crafts, but I also use them for finished jewelry. Each section holds one set of earrings, a necklace, bracelet or charm. Great for flea market selling. Organize small items for sale by price.

Tiny plastic boxes are cheap lifesavers for organizing a larger jewelry box. You can find these at craft or container stores. Some are just big enough to hold a pair of earrings. Plus, they fit nicely in jewelry box drawers and compartments. No more searching for that matching earring! Plus, you don’t have to worry about your jewelry getting tied in a knot.

Egg cartons are a free way to organize small items. I use them when doing crafts. They’re great for sorting necklace beads, rug hooking yarn and much more. You can even use them to start seeds for the yard and garden. Egg cartons provide useful storage for a lot of crafty items. Use them to sort buttons. pins and needles for sewing projects too.

A used and battered muffin tin gets a second life in the garage or workshop. It’s a free handy nail sorting device. It takes the work out finding just the right nut or bolt. It can organize small items for a wood-working project. Sure, hubby has drawers for those tiny parts. This is for when they’re in use. Fits nicely in a toolbox for portability too.

Men have used the jar trick in the garage for years. Why not try it in your craft room? Glue the lids of clean baby food jars to the bottom of a shelf. Fill the jar with small items and screw it into the top. Now you can see what you have clearly, without fumbling through drawers. When you need it, access is a twist of the wrist away.

Silverware trays are wonderful for storing craft brushes. Organize small, but lengthy items efficiently. The long slots are just the right length for small clay tools too. How about those crochet or rug hooks? A silverware tray is a perfect fit. Just one reminder. Make sure your tools and brushes are dry before using this organizing tip.

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