Charlie Sheen – Winning or Losing?

Charlie Sheen has recently gotten a lot of media attention due to some bizarre behavior and now has taken his one man show on tour. Charlie has been seen recently involved in some strange behavior and his rants have been extremely odd and about many different topics.Following Sheen’s firing from Warner’s Brothers hit show, “Two and a Half Men”, Sheen has been on air and on Twitter making some comments and rants about all of the happenings in his life and speaking of trolls and warlocks and has decided to take his “act” on the road with his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour”.

In many of these rants that he has done, he speaks of winning and how he is winning, but after his first two tour showings we are left to wonder if he is truly winning. Charlie took the stage in Detroit, Michigan at Fox Theater on April 2. 2011 and was literally booed off the stage following some rude comments about Detroit and the people from there. After mentioning that the show was an experiment and making some very confusing statements, the audience did not find any amusement as he spoke of figuring that he could make crack jokes in Detroit. Charlie did not appear as though he knew what he was talking about at times in the show.

After being on the stage for an hour and at times seeming as though he wasn’t sure of what to do next and seemingly frustrated by the crowds’ reactions to his rants, he walked off the stage and the show ended. Considering that tickets for his shows range from $47- $109, I am sure that many people were left wondering why they had spent the money to see him and I am sure that there were more disappointed or angry fans than there were happy ones. After this appearance, it seemed as though Charlie was not winning.

His second show was better. Charlie once again took the stage on April 3,2011 at Chicago Theater and had changed his show by now having a moderator asking questions. He seemed to be improving the show with this unknown moderator and the audience seemed much more open to him. He actually got a standing ovation at this show and he now could possibly say he is winning.

With twenty more shows all over North America. the “My Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour” will no doubt make the news at each stop. Whether Sheen is winning the publicity and fan base that he wants or not is left to be seen, but it seems that the stranger he is on stage and the more odd his behavior is the more attention he gets. Maybe in his odd way, he is winning whatever battle he feels he is in. For a star to be a hit, they need to be the talk of the town and I would say that in that aspect, Sheen is definitely winning!