Charlie Sheen Tour Bombs: Audience Members Scream “You Suck!” And Demand Money Back

Just as I suspected, Charlie Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” was not a torpedo, but more of a dud, according to a report. He came, but he did not conquer and the result was not a win, but an epic fail.

At the first show of Sheen’s 20-city tour, on April 2, 2011, people got what they paid for, which was really nothing but the warlock presence of the man and the legend. They brought tickets to a “concertless” concert and the tickets were not cheap either. Now people are mad because they got sucker-punched by their own self-assimilation into the cult of celebrity.

What did they think that Charlie Sheen was going to do onstage; perform Shakespeare, recite a soliloquy, play the harpsichord, sing torch songs, dance the river dance or shred an electric guitar? The most ticket-holders could have hoped for was that he “acted” and that’s exactly what he did. He acted like himself and now people are mad.

Buying tickets to Charlie Sheen’s show was like going to a store that sells sealed boxes, but you don’t know what’s inside the boxes. You purchase one on a whim, only imaging and hoping that something good may be inside, yet knowing that the content could range from the sublime to the ridiculous, or worse…nothing. If you were silly enough to pay a pretty large amount of money for a box of possible nothingness when you were strongly aware of the possibility, then who’s the fool that got snookered?

Charlie Sheen has created a media frenzy by doing nothing more than being his usual wild, crazy, partying, exalted self and getting into trouble. He is the quintessential bad boy, with a mouth that sets ears aflame and a logic that seems to defy all logic. Charlie Sheen is going to be Charlie Sheen and there doesn’t seem to be much that anyone can do about it, but sit back and either ignore, enjoy or be appalled by his wild ride. He cares about nothing anyone says and does whatever he wants to do with no concern for the opinions of his family, his ex-wives/baby mamas, his employers or the public. One must wonder if he cares about his fans.

According to the CNN article, the show had a few good moments, but some people screamed out “You suck!” and some people walked out and desired their money back. Reportedly, Sheen screamed to a heckler, “You gave your hard money and you didn’t know what this was even about and I am [curse-word] here.”

The show began like most shows, with an opening act, a warm-up comedian who got booed off the stage. And then came Charlie Sheen in a blaze of multimedia displays and uproarious applause, after which he did nothing really but talk profanity-littered crap about crap. It seems that the audience’s excited reception quickly changed to “OMG- I-paid-how-much-for-these-freakin’-tickets?!” But hey, he had goddesses with him. Now that’s something you don’t get to see every day; a warlock with tiger blood accompanied by goddesses.

This is exactly what I expected to happened, but I expect it to be even worse. I feared that he would saunter out onto the stage, point at the audience and scream out, “SUCKERS” and walk off the stage. It seems that he really didn’t do much more than that.