Charlie Sheen Still Winning in Chicago; Detroit Still Losing (and Always Will Be)

Charlie Sheen was given a standing ovation in Chicago, but in Detroit, just the night before, Sheen was heckled and booed. Sheen’s opening show, “My Violent Torpedo of Truth” bombed in Detroit. The crowd in Detroit did not appreciate Charlie’s brilliance, and gave him a hard time. The Detroit crowd didn’t allow Sheen enough time to be funny, snarky, and awesome. That’s because Detroit is used to losing. (see Charlie Bombs in Detroit here)

The Violent Torpedo of Truth, at least in Detroit, is that nobody in that city is winning. Detroit is losing. Look at Detroit’s unemployment statistics. Is there anything winning in those numbers? It’s no wonder they hated Sheen and his Torpedo of Truth tour.

In Chicago, Sheen used a talk show format, and a ‘master of ceremonies’ asked the actor questions. The interviewer didn’t identify himself, but he did keep Charlie on track and gave Sheen the chance to make his classically funny and outrageous comments. (see Sheen gets standing ovation in Chicago here)

There were a few non-celebrities in the Chicago crowd who didn’t think Sheen’s performance was outstanding, but said Charlie did give them a few funny moments. These people, also, are not used to winning. They do not love themselves, so how can they look upon a true winner, like Sheen, and not be jealous? Unfortunately, Detroit is filled with those types of non-winning, non-celebrities.

The bottom line is: Charlie Sheen is still winning. Detroit will always be losing. And Chicago, for the most part, is winning. Charlie Sheen is like a barometer or which parts of America’s population is winning and not-winning.

In Chicago’s show, Sheen was asked why he paid for sex. Sheen said, “Because I had millions to blow. I ran out of things to buy.” Of course Detroit wouldn’t find something like that to be funny — nobody in Detroit has any money to blow. The only sex people can get in Detroit is free sex, and, as everybody knows, you get what you pay for. Especially in Detroit.

The only good things to come out of Detroit in the past three decades are: Barry Sanders, Eminem, and Kid Rock. But who cares about sports? Mostly non-winning, non-celebrities. And Eminem and Kid Rock suck. They are celebrities, and all celebrities are special and sent to earth from God, but that doesn’t mean Eminem and Kid Rock don’t suck. (see all celebrities are sent from God here)

Jesus was a celebrity, and Jesus was sent straight from God. Like Charlie Sheen and Marilyn Monroe. (read about Marilyn Monroe’s celebrity status here) Charlie Sheen is almost becoming a mega celebrity. If he lives for another ten years, and can keep up this energy level, he will be a mega celebrity, and his Torpedo of Truth tour will be remembered fondly by all those non-celebrities who are also winning.

If all of this feels foreign to you, here is more elucidation on Charlie Sheen. (click here) It is important that all non-celebrities understand how celebritydom works, and how all celebrities will be whisked to Heaven on May 21, 2011. If you aren’t a celebrity by May 21, 2011, you will only have five months left before the world ends to become a celebrity. (read about the details here)

Those five months will be fire-ridden and the world will end on October 21, 2011. It will be extremely difficult for non-celebrities to become celebrities during this time. And only celebrities will enter the Kingdom of God, so you must act quickly, your time is running out. For those in Detroit who can’t even respect a major celebrity like Charlie Sheen, God will not look kindly upon them in the final days.