Charlie Sheen Detroit Tour Opener Far From a Win

Saturday night’s Charlie Sheen show in Detroit kicked off his “Torpedo of Truth” tour. No one in Detroit knew what Sheen would bring out to the Fox Theater — and very few people were pleased with the answers. By the time the actor-turned-warlock was finished, there were already major walkouts and massive confusion for those who stuck around. But paying customers who are climbing onto the “Torpedo of Truth” are getting what they paid for — an act that may have finally jumped the shark.

When the former “Two And a Half Men” star set up his one-man tour, it was during a period when he was the biggest story in America. Now with war, earthquakes, nuclear disasters, and potential government shutdowns taking over the headlines, the novelty may have worn off.

But while more serious problems re-emerged, Sheen was able to sell out his “Torpedo of Truth” tour in record-setting time on Ticketmaster. However, the fans who paid to see shows in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Boston, Atlantic City and many other hot spots had no idea what they would see.

The Motor City provided the first test — and by pretty much all accounts, the test failed. According to Entertainment Weekly, the star of the show was an hour late in getting on stage, and then rambled on and on when he did appear. Of course, rambling and speaking nonsense is what made his meltdown so massive in the first place.

However, his past rants could be seen for free on Twitter, webcasts and every TV network imaginable. In this case, people paid hard earned money to see him at work — and in Detroit, hard earned money is particularly difficult to come by. Therefore, they wanted to see more than crazy proclamations, and nonsensical advice on how to “train the Vatican assassin” inside us.

Sheen may have jumped the shark in much of America, but those in Detroit last night had stuck by him — until now. Much of the audience reportedly walked out before he was finished, and quickly spread the word on how bad things got. But there were already signs that it would get this bad beforehand, since the tickets stated that there would be no refunds.

Even if audiences who plan to attend tonight’s show in Chicago are scared off, they can’t get their money back unless the star cancels, and doesn’t reschedule within a year. There are clearly no plans to cancel anything right now, despite last night’s epic defeat – which defied the tour’s slogan that “Defeat is not an option.”

But the fans who saw Charlie Sheen in Detroit would likely argue that this was his most outlandish statement of all. The audience in Chicago will hope for something a little better, starting at 8 p.m. local time in the Chicago Theater.


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