Charlie Sheen Continues Losing Streak with Departure of One ‘Goddess’

COMMENTARY | Charlie Sheen is losing. He lost one of the few women who wanted anything to do with him last week — because Charlie Sheen is a loser.

Perhaps that’s what adult-film star Bree Olson finally realized when she ditched his sinking ship via text message. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sheen announced this news on his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” tour at a show Saturday in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

After being fired from his show Two and a Half Men, Sheen has incessantly been making the rounds on television and in-person, promoting…well, himself. That includes his lifestyle and love life. Earlier this year, Sheen revealed his living arrangements with two women whom he refers to as “goddesses.”

One of the young women, Bree Olson, whose real name is Rachel Oberlin, was a side of the triangle until she allegedly bailed last week. Oberlin was wise to keep her distance from the actor, who is notoriously violent to women, by delivering her decision through digital means. In a tweet on April 11 preceding the breakup, Oberlin wrote:

“Don’t cross me If so I’ll butcher u brutally in my hotel bed & dispose of the body. I’ll just tell house keeping I was having a heavy flow.”

While violence or the threat of it is rarely if ever justified, perhaps Olson’s tweet was a sort of feminist hyperbole as an indirect response to Sheen’s misogyny and abusive tendencies?

Could it be that she was afraid of Sheen, so she used the threat of violence to protect herself preemptively?

Or maybe she took a cue from Sheen, trying to match his mannerisms, to deliver a message in a way he would best understand – the first word of his tour title is “violent,” after all.

Perhaps it’s none of the above. The threat has obviously gone unfulfilled, but the fact that Olson made it in the first place, considered with the fact that she texted him away, is telling.

While women protesting outside the event Saturday with signs that read “Stop degrading women” and “Go home Charlie Sheen,” the actor indicated that he was upset about the situation with Olson.

But apparently not that upset, because he also invited troubled young actress Lindsay Lohan to see him after she was released on bail Friday, expressing that he would like to hug her.

Now maybe magazine model Natalie Kenly, who is currently living with Sheen, will realize that the first step to becoming a real “goddess” is to separate herself from him.