Charlie Dane-The Creation of a Young and Inspiring Guitarist/Pop Singer

While working on her debut album, 12 year old female Pop Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist Charlie Dane is gaining listeners’ attention with her infectious lyrics, great Guitar instrumentations, and mature vocals. Following on the foothills of Taylor Swift, Dane is creating her own individual sounds through her upcoming album. Showcasing a strong and deep vocal presence, catchy lyrics, and great Guitar riffs, Dane is quickly becoming a top young artist for 2011. Recommended tracks from Charlie Dane include “Past the Point“, “Back In Time“, and “Tuesday’s Just As Bad“.

Charlie Dane’s incredible songwriting techniques are showcased on the sentimental Pop ballad “Past The Point“. At the tender age of 12, Dane is already displaying a mature appeal through her vocals and emotional lyrics while singing, “…Seems like yesterday, you’re not so far away/I had you near me, so near me/I know everything changes/But tell me why it can’t all stay the same/Hear me, can you hear me…/” Through “Past The Point“, Dane provides deep and emotional thoughts pertaining to the loss of a loved one. Recalling a touching moment when a fan approached her about the song, Dane stated, “A woman came up to me crying after she heard me sing ‘Past The Point’, which is about loss. She had recently lost her brother and my song really touched her. There is nothing better than people really relating to my music.

Through the Acoustic Guitar-driven ballad “Back In Time“, Dane sings of disappointment over a failed relationship. Through the thought-provoking lyrics, “…I didn’t know just what to do/I’m sittin’ here now so confused/You know I had the right words to say/But they came out the wrong way…/, Dane expresses regret over not mending her own failed relationship. Playing Guitar since the tender age of 5, Dane is able to incorporate her own diverse musical styles into the backdrop of “Back In Time“. The short Guitar riffs and honest lyrics allow Dane to transform real thoughts into a sincere melodic tune. Through songs such as “Past The Point” and “Back In Time“, Dane is able to turn her own thoughts into a magnificent creation of Art. “Like my art, I’m always just inspired to be creating something all of the time,” Dane mentions, “There isn’t one person or thing that inspired me. Many of my lyrics are taken from personal experiences in my life.”

While displaying lyrics of loss and relationships gone awry, Dane is also able to sing songs of happier moments with songs such as “Tuesday’s Just As Bad“. Representing the feelings of Summer, Dane sings of warm weather and positive vibes through the song. Through the lyrics, ” …Well, I hear you callin’ my name/Sayin’ let’s hangout in the sunbathe/Cause we all keep thinkin’ about Monday/And the weekend’s gone by too fast…/”, Dane rewinds the time for listeners while recapturing the popular musical styles from the 70s-80s. Through the uplifting track, Dane is constantly reminded of one important piece of advice, “George Porter Jr. says to smile and that ‘they love it when we smile’.”

2011 is proving to be a busy year for Charlie Dane as she is working on several upcoming projects including the completion of her full-length debut studio release. Recently recording her 8th single, Dane is proving she is a force to be reckoned with. Appearing on stage with the likes of George Porter Jr. and Jimmy McMillan, Dane showcases her own unique and respective sounds in both the Pop and Blues genres. On January 14, Dane showcased a host of original and cover tunes in front of a large audience while opening for Dancing With The Stars’ professional Dancer-turned-Singer Mark Ballas at The Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, New York. Currently touring Costa Rica, Dane will appear back state-side when she performs May 1 in Huntington, Long Island in continuation of her concert tour. For more information about Charlie Dane and her upcoming debut release, please visit