Chapter 1 – the Beginning

Dating. Relationships. Courting. Friends with benefits. They’re all a form of being with another person; having a connection with someone that is beyond platonic. We have all been there. All been through amazing relationships. Been through relationships that have broke us into a million pieces. Relationships that come and go so quickly that we don’t know quite what hit us. And relationships that just leave you speechless.

This is me, a single girl, in her late twenties, living in the city, working full-time, and trying to balance friends, family, and the dating world.

It’s been a rough year for me in the dating world. Learning the lessons that I have, I’m not complaining because they have made me who I am, but regardless, it hasn’t been easy. And in this world of blogging and online journalling – I thought why not share my experiences with the rest of the world?

These are the lessons I’ve learned, some the easy way – but most the hard way. They are the stories that have helped shape me into the person that I am. They are the experiences that have opened my eyes and hardened my heart.

Here we go, kids. Pop some popcorn. Pour yourself a glass of wine and ride along with me while I share with you the good, the bad, and the — huh?? of my dating life…

Chapter 1. Drink, Bitch.

That’s how it all began.

I know, you’re thinking – “What the hell? How does that phrase begin a relationship?”

Hold tight kids, it gets better. This is one of the most amazing, sacrificial, destructive, and lengthy relationships that I have been through. Meet E.

E and I met when I was a sophomore in college. I had gone home for the weekend with one of my roommates. She had decided to invite a few people over (E being one of them). We were drinking, playing games, having a good time. Nothing harmful or illegal – just good solid fun. A mutual friend of ours had told me that E thought I was “hot” (so high school, right?) however, that was enough for me to want to hang out with him for the evening. After we were formally introduced we began a drinking game – in which he said to me – “drink, bitch!” (of course, he was smiling and completely joking about the bitch part – well, at that time anyhow — )

We hung out the whole night – talking, laughing, and starting to get to know each other. We exchanged numbers and things felt really nice. You know that feeling you get when it’s like the stars are aligning and everything is perfect in the world? Yea, that’s how it felt that night. We just got along so well, like we had known each other for years. It was so easy. That evening that “easy” feeling was something I was so grateful for – but in the coming months and years it became something that was almost a curse for us – for the world around us.

I know, so far it sounds like something every girl wants – to meet this amazing guy (did I mention he was deliciously hot??) and to hit it off so well and so quickly. What more could I have possibly asked for? Boy, do I wish it had been that easy, that may have changed everything.

But truth is, E had a girlfriend. I didn’t find out about her until a few days after we had met – which was ok(ish) by cheating standards because we hadn’t done anything wrong, just talked a lot and exchanged numbers. He was also 2 hours away from me —

What will happen next? You will have to come back to find out. Pour yourself another glass of wine – it only gets better from here…