Changes in Recycling for Raleigh, North Carolina Coming June 1

Beginning June 1, 2011, those residing in Raleigh, North Carolina will see changes in recycling. Instead of toting the little green bin to the curb, residents will be rolling a more spacious blue cart that can hold more items. If you are wondering what to do with your green bin, the City of Raleigh suggests you keep it inside your home to cast aside items that you will later put outside in your larger, 95 gallon blue bin.

The City of Raleigh will also change how often your curbside pickup gets collected, from weekly to biweekly. Your normal day of service is set to remain the same. Households will continue to pay their recycling collection fees on a monthly basis. I think the weekly to biweekly change is great. I would be concerned about my bin overflowing, but there is already a solution for that, the big blue cart!

Those living in apartments, like me, won’t have to worry about the new change. However, people living in townhomes that have green bins are probably worried about space issues. This concern is addressed on the Recycling Division Section of the City of Raleigh’s website.

Items that are acceptable for recycling in Raleigh, North Carolina include the following:

white paper
cereal boxes
cardboard (flattened)
milk cartons
aluminum beverage bottles
plastic beverage containers
glass food & beverage containers
steel cans

Keep these rules in mind as you “go green” daily.

No food residue left in boxes – No pizza boxes
Cut cardboard to 3X3 in size
No paperclips left on paper but staples are fine
No phonebooks
No checkbooks
No books
No carbon paper
No paper with adhesive backing
No napkins, tissues, or other paper products
No bottles with hazardous material (poison sign)
No non bottle type containers (cups, yogurt)

In case you do not get curbside pickup, you can take your items to various Drop Off Centers that are located around town. Jaycee Parkat, City of Raleigh Yard Waste Center, Solid Waste Services Administrative Offices, City of Raleigh Waste Center, Sam’s Wholesale Club, Habitat Wake ReStore, North Boulevard Plaza, Eatman’s Carpets, and EcoLube all offer their businesses as recycling centers for all of us “Go Greeners” in Raleigh. If your recycling does not get collected, and you don’t want to drive to one of the centers, I encourage you to ask a neighbor could you add your recycling to his stack because recycling is very, very, very important. And remember, you are still paying for it monthly whether your recycling gets collected or not.

For more information about Raleigh Recycling and the June 2011 changes, please visit or call 919-996-6890. The site also includes the physical addresses for the Drop Off Centers listed above.

I became an avid recycler and advocate for environmental sustainability my senior year at North Carolina State University when I took an Environmental Sociology class with Dr. Brett Clark. I learned, the more we consume, consume, consume, (especially with the consistent rise in technology and innovation), the more our natural resources deplete. And depletion can eventually lead to nonexistence, which would not be good. Recycling is one of the key ingredients that can delay this from occurring. So I encourage everyone to join the “Go Green Bandwagon” any way you can.

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