Ch-armz: The Fashion Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Now, I am pretty sure I have found like the coolest fashion invention ever!

So, for all the fashionistas of the world, meet your new BFF, the Ch-armz. They are the ultimate accessory when it comes to style and functionality.

What are Ch-armz?

They are basically a pair of beautifully tailored sleeves designed to cover your arms. Ch-armz can be used to give you the look of layers without the bulkiness of wearing multiple shirts. They can also change your wardrobe in an instant for a different look quickly, or you can use them to keep your arms warm and/or protected from the elements on the days when you’ve worn too little.

How Ch-armz work

After sliding your arm into the sleeves, the Ch-armz wrap around your bra strap or tank top strap and snaps back onto itself at the shoulder. They have side elastic straps that secure them in place so they won’t travel, slip down or become annoying while being worn. The top strap that wraps around your bra or tank has an adjustable slide so it molds to each wearer’s arm & comfort making them super comfortable and an easy-to-apply accessory.

Where you can get your Ch-armz

Ch-armz are available in a variety of trendy colors; prints and solids, for $25 a pair at . Sizes include regular and long lengths, and small/medium and medium/large sizes.

To see the entire collection of Ch-armz, click here.

How the idea for Ch-armz was born

Carlie Tracey is the designer behind this wonderful creation. The idea for Ch-armz was born one autumn morning in LA while she was trying to find something to wear. After a recent shopping trip, where she scored some cute summer tops off of the sales rack, Carlie didn’t want to wait until summer to wear them. Feeling a bit frustrated, she thought to herself, “If I only had some sleeves, I’d be warm and cute.” Thus, her fabulous idea was born.

About the Designer, Carlie Tracey

While pursuing her passion for fashion, Carlie has sustained a successful career in Hollywood as a costume designer for numerous independent films. Carlie has dressed leading ladies like Katherine Heigl and Brook Shields, to legends like Ann-Margaret. You may also recognize her from her TV appearances, as she is currently in her 5th season as a shopper for the hit television series CSI:NY. Carlie says she is thrilled to launch her first line of accessories and says, “I have spent the last year perfecting the fit so that it’s as comfortable and seamless as it is functional and practical; it is as simple as a couple of snaps and your wardrobe is eternally expanded!”