Certifiably Inferior Donald Trump, Symptoms Can’t Face Reality, Can’t Comb Backwards

I have always thought that I understood the English language well, articulate my thoughts clearly and have at minimum a unique way of expressing the written word. As I watched today the so called “political strategists” give their ideas on the release of President’s birth certificate I questioned my grasp of the English language and confidence in my ability to hear words and grasp their meaning. For months, we have heard the words of Donald Trump almost demanding that President Obama show the country his certificate of birth. We heard for months the Donald accusing the president of hiding the certificate for fear that its revelation would show either that the president was Muslim or not a citizen of the United States. Now that the White House has released a longer version of the certificate the Donald is still not satisfied; he is not alone some reports say that 25% of Americans believe the same.

A couple of the strategists blame the President and not the Donald for keeping the issue alive. They assert that all that was needed to kill the controversy was for the president to come clean and show his birth paper.

Trump has obviously been successful as an entrepreneur; he has made, lost and made again billions of dollars in the accommodations industry and other ventures. He has had a relatively successful television run that highlighted his ability to surround himself with creative, talented, innovative and resourceful people. Donald is however, not a good student of history. The last time I checked Hawaii is a part of the United States and has been since August 21, 1959, a little less than two years before President Obama was born on August 4, 1961.

The effort and attention exerted by Trump and media outlets on the subject of the birth certificate speaks volumes to their motives. This country has an ugly past, and the redness of its hatred has often reared its head in politics, the Civil War and thousands of lost lives are a testament to that fact. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in office thousands accused him of being a communist because he was progressive, did not fit into the mold they designed for what a president should be. Roosevelt was a new breed of president and he had a “New Deal” on his mind.

When John F. Kennedy ran for president there were those who opposed him because he was Catholic, when Geraldine Ferraro was asked by Walter Mondale to be his vice presidential candidate there were those who opposed her because she was female. When Joe Lieberman was asked by Al Gore to be his vice presidential candidate and when he later ran for president there were those who opposed him because he was Jewish. When Shirley Chisholm became the first major party black candidate male or female to seek the Democratic nomination for president there were those who opposed her because she was black and female (Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for president in 1872 and Frederick Douglas was her running mate).

It is hard to accept self truth. Today we have supposedly grown and “we all just get along”, yeah okay. The reality is, America that just ain’t so. Whether the issue of President Pbama’s birth certificate is driven by politics or racism, it shows we are marching in time, taking one step forward and two steps back. We are only human and we have our prejudices and they spill over into our political perspectives and the way we elect politicians.

Some Americans believed that they relieved themselves of theier racism, prejudices or stereotypes in 2008 when they cast their vote for Barack Obama for president. In their subconscious mind they believe that with the pull of the lever in the voting booth, the excrement of prejudices that existed in their bodies was expelled and they were exorcised of their stereotypes and prejudices. Until each American can look in the mirror and honestly know who they are and what they really believe, our country will always be divided and there will always exists in the minds of Donald’s, Rush, Beck’s, Ingles and others the need to feel superior by believing that others are inferior, even if they happen to be elected by the people for the people as President of the United States.