Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro Attracted the A-listers at Tribeca Film Festival

By Allison Ruppino

The Hollywood-packed action continued for Murro with the after-parties for the films, Last Night and Detachment.

Murro did the research to give us feedback on who is cool to chill with and who just needs to chill.

Murro started his evening by conversing with a truly LOVELY person–Courtney Love. He sat with the rock star at Avenue, the bar at which the event was taking place on 10th Avenue. He reported that his head was spinning after mingling with this artist. “Talking with her reminded me of the old Abbott and Costello Who’s On First routine,” Murro said.

One sultry and sexy star, Eva Mendez , proved to the crowd that she knew she was both. “She stood around thinking she was the hottest thing in the room,” said Murro. She removed herself from the crowd and refusing to take photos with her fans. “Mendez was the hottest one there until a much hotter looking Gina Gershon walked in and stole her thunder, especially since she was a lot friendlier.”

Murro found X-Men ‘s Liev Schreiber , along with Fisher Stevens and Frank Whaley , to be very “cool.” He spoke for a few minutes to Gilbert Gottfried who, after their brief interaction, sat alone, spoke to no one, and therefore left shortly after.

At 10 PM, he found time to squeeze in an appearance at the Chanel Party. So, he headed over to Odeon on West Broadway. There he chatted with Adrien Brody , Robert DeNiro , Zachary Braff, Matthew Modine , Chloe Svegney, and others. Chanel was kind enough to give away mini gift bags filled with Chanel lipsticks; needless to say, Murro’s wife was thrilled. He was excited to meet five or more celebrities, and she was excited to get five or more lipsticks from Chanel.

Murro moved onto the after-party for the Tribeca premiere of Detachment, which started at midnight and was located at the 675 Bar on Hudson Street . He snagged one of the only photos taken with Adrien Brody that night. Brody was trying to avoid photographs; good thing the CelebrityMagnet is not shy. “He sort of had the depressed, grungy, Jesus-with-a-suit-look going on,” said Murro. “I guess his girlfriend, who is as hot as they come, likes that kind of look.”

After Murro recuperated from a back-to-back night of conversing and drinking, he geared up for round two of his week of Tribeca afterparties. This time it was for the Tribeca Film Festivals highly coveted and impossible to get into party, hosted by Robert Deniro, plus a few more.

Stay tuned as The Celebrity Magnet brings us into Vanity Fair’s swank Tribeca party held on the steps of the Supreme Courthouse in NYC and the Wrap Party ending the festival held at Eybeam.