Celebrity Birthdays on May 11

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We are all interested in Celebrities and their lives. Celebrities are people we often look up too. This is a series that will show you the most interesting celebrities who are born on each day. Celebrities are just like you and I, they are just more famous.

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1932 ‘” Valentino Garavani (Valentino), Italian designer

1933 ‘” Louis Farrakhan, American Nation of Islam leader

1946 ‘” Robert Jarvik, American physician and inventor who invented the Jarvik 7 artificial heart

1947 ‘” Butch Trucks, American drummer for The Allman Brothers Band

1952 ‘” Mike Lupica, American sports journalist

1952 ‘” Warren Littlefield was A prot©g© of Brandon Tartikoff; Littlefield developed Cheers, The Cosby Show, and The Golden Girls as senior and executive vice president of NBC Entertainment under Tartikoff.

1953 ‘” David Gest, American television producer who was married to Liza Minnelli

1959 ‘” Martha Quinn, American television personality who is best known as one of the original video jockeys on MTV (along with Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, and J.J. Jackson).

1961 ‘” Luis Felipe, Cuban gangster who is also known as “King Blood” is the founder of the New York chapter of the organized crime gang known as the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation. Felipe was a Cuban who came to the United States in 1980. Six years later, in 1986, he founded the New York chapter of the Latin Kings

1974 ‘” Billy Kidman, American professional wrestler for the WCW and the WWE

1978 ‘” Laetitia Casta, French supermodel and actress

1982 ‘” Jonathan Jackson is an American actor, best known for playing Lucky Spencer, son of super-couple Luke and Laura on the American daytime drama General Hospital.

1983 ‘” Matt Leinart, American football player, NFL QB and 2004 Heisman Trophy winner

1988 ‘” Jeremy Maclin is a wide-receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles

1989 ‘” Cam Newton, American football player and first pick in the 2011 NFL draft by the Carolina Panthers who many of us believe is a reach

I hope you enjoyed today’s celebrity birthdays. Come back out tomorrow to check out more celebrity birthdays. Happy Birthday to all celebrities and everybody else who were born on this day- come back tomorrow to see what Celebrities were born on this day,

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