Celebrity Beauty: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is one of the classic striking beauties in film today. With her short blond locks, piercing blue eyes and minimal-looking makeup this beautiful actress’s refined beauty fits in perfectly with 2011’s lady-like fashion trend. Learn how to achieve a similar lady-like look for yourself with these quick tips.

Keep Hair Neat and Simple

Cate is not one to have a fussy hairstyle. Her short, sunny locks are usually brushed back with a little volume on top, tucked behind her ears and a bit of a flip at the ends. Even if your locks are not short like Cate’s you can still achieve this look.

On slightly damp or dry hair, dispense a quarter sized dollop of mousse into your palm and work through your hair using your fingers. Next, take a vented brush and smooth your hair backwards. Tuck any loose strands around the temple behind the ear. Take a flat iron and flip your ends up. To help your hair out with volume try a volumizing line such as Herbal Essences Body Envy line of hair products.

Maintain Smooth Skin

Cate Blanchett’s skin is unbelievably flawless and smooth. If your skin is not yet at this point you can get it there. Wash your face each morning with a thermal cleanser that has exfoliating micro beads. Follow with a day moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 15.

At night, wash face to remove makeup and dirt using a gel or cream cleanser. Follow with a nighttime moisturizer such as Olay Complete Night Fortifying Moisture Cream. Sleep on a cotton pillowcase and keep hair tied back, away from the face. Both of these practices help keep pores from clogging with oil and any styling product reside from the hair. Once a week, use a clarifying facemask to deep clean pores.

Keep Makeup Simple

Cate typically wears neutral or nude makeup with a bold red lip every now and then. When Cate wears foundation it usually leaves her skin with a slight dewy look. A mousse or souffle foundation like L’Oreal’s MagicSmooth Souffle Makeup is the easiest formula to create this type of effect.

When it comes to nude and neutral makeup, one color does not fit all because people come in different skin tones. A nude shade will have a slight color on your face. Beige, peach and pale pink shades work well with fair skin tones. Tans, taupes and light golden bronzes work well for medium and medium-deep tones. Gold, deep bronze, chocolate, copper and raisin shades work well with deep to dark skin tones. You can up the ante of the nude or neutral face by wearing a bright, semi-matte red lipstick.

These beauty tips from the classic style of Cate Blanchett work perfectly with the neutral and lady-like fashion trends of 2011. You can tweak Cate’s classic look by creating a neutral smoky eye or wearing a berry or bright pink lip for boldness. Also, a sleek chignon or ponytail work well if you don’t want to wear your hair slicked back with the ends flipped. That’s the wonderful thing about beauty, you can always tweak it to match your personal style so you can stay true to you!

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