Celebrity Apprentice Takes New Twists Before Leaving Airwaves Early

While Celebrity Apprentice has been overshadowed by its host’s politics, the contestants have still tried to make some headlines. Since the show had more crazy competitors this year than ever before, it has already been a wild ride. Of course, even the likes of Gary Busey and LaToya Jackson haven’t been as big of a sideshow as Donald Trump has off-camera, However, the latest round of major feuding took place in last night’s installment — although the final results never made it to air.

Warning: Spoilers follow

The new episode was noteworthy for several reasons, starting with the return of a fired contestant. In an unprecedented move, LaToya Jackson was allowed to return after Jose Canseco quit. What’s more, she was allowed to come back on the men’s team for the week’s challenge.

Jackson actually got lucky, as she avoided the latest brawl between Star Jones and NeNe Leakes. This one was worse than usual, as Leakes actually went off at Jones for offering her the job of project manager since she isn’t “the God of assigning project managers.”

But Leakes’ reluctance to take the job seemed to be prophetic, as she couldn’t deliver the goods in promoting hair care products. However, neither Leakes nor Jones would take the fall for it, although America didn’t see who would get fired on television.

In fact, Celebrity Apprentice was just one of many regularly scheduled programs that had to be pre-empted last night. Once the news came out that Osama bin Laden was dead, Trump’s competition took a back seat, just as Trump’s birther claims finally did for a little while.

Almost fittingly, the end of Trump’s show was taken off for coverage of President Obama’s biggest victory to date. But while much of the world focused on bin Laden’s death, fans of the show had to go online to see the results.

Eventually, they discovered that Hope Dworaczyk took the fall while Leakes, Jones and the rest of the women stayed on. Because Dworaczyk wasn’t prone to outbursts or fighting, it was startling that she made it this long. Yet her time finally came, leaving Leakes and Jones to go at it another day.

With those results, the season now has Leakes, Jones, Jackson, Lil Jon, Marlee Maltin, Meat Loaf and John Rich still left. Presumably, Celebrity Apprentice will be back to its regular two-hour length next Sunday, when it presumably reduces the field to a final six.


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