Celebrity Apprentice Sell Their ArtWork

I was sure that the men had won this task when they announced that John Rich, the project manager had raised $470,000 from the sale of his guitar, but I was pleasantly wrong. The men had smug smiles on their face as if to say that it was a “slam dunk case.” Although both the men and women did great, the women excelled and they won.


There were 2 teams of celebrities that were assigned the task of creating their own art gallery. They then had to sell the art and the winnings would go to their favorite charity. It was the men against the women. Each team was assigned a project manager; John Rich was for the men and Marlee Matlin was for the women.

The woman won and was only short of $14,000 for a million dollars, but Donald Trump graciously donated that to make it a cool million.

Let’s Make a Deal

Donald Trump asked both teams would they make a deal with him. He proposed that the loosing team would be able to give their money to the charity of their choice. Both teams agreed and Donald Trump seemed surprised.

New Twist

There was a new twist tonight. In the past Donald Trump would automatically fire one person from the loosing team. This time he gave the winning team, which was the women, the choice to decide should he fire someone from the men’s team. After they decided he should fire someone from the men’s team, Donald Trump left both teams in the board room. He asked the woman who should be fired. John Rich wanted to fire Gary Busey for lack of focus, but admitted that Richard Hatch contributed least in the sales. Both teams were selling for their worthy charity.

I was really impressed with Marlee Matlin. She stood up for Gary Busey saying she knew him personally as well as professionally and he would be a great asset for the team in going forward. You could tell in Gary’s expression that he was elated. He seemingly could not thank Marlee enough for all that she had said about him.

LaToya Jackson

This classy lady made a very good impression. She showed her selflessness, by contributing a shirt of her brother, Michael Jackson. She noted that she had carried that shirt every where that she went, but she knew her brother would have wanted her to donate it for charity. This was clearly an act of humility by LaToya. Michael Jackson’s shirt sold for $99,000, but I do believe they should have asked for more. I do believe with all of the fans that Michael Jackson has it would have sold for much more. Donald Trump donated $25,000 to LaToya’s charity as well. LaToya’s charity was for an Aides/HIV Charity.

Caps For Sale

They all made caps to sell. Donald Trump had invited one of his friends to view the hats and it was said that LaToya’s hat that she made in remembrance of her brother Michael Jackson was the best hat that he saw. I thought It was very stunning too with all of the silver glitter which was so much Michael.

Star Jones

Star Jones was on her J.O.B. (job) too. She was on the phone calling celebrities, taking visa and other payments for the sale of the art works. She mentioned that she had at least $150,000 in sales on the phone. She was definitely working it.

I have to say, I was so glad when the women won, because they had previously had 3 losses. I felt so bad for them in the past. I really enjoyed this show. It was quite enlightening. Kudos to the celebrities.

Source: Celebrity Apprentice Television Program