Celebrity Apprentice Recap April 10, 2011

I despise bullies.

On this past week’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice,” NeNe Leakes clearly showcased herself as one nasty bully in a tacky koala costume…

Ah, the episode started innocuously enough. Trump proclaimed the weekly task flanked with executives from Autralian Gold on one side of him, and his loyal monotone droning offspring, Ivanka and Don Jr., on the other. The two teams were to create a buzz about the Australian Gold tanning products, using brand integration with a creative visual display set up of the product in a giant outdoor glass box. The men’s team took another creative risk as in previous weeks, by thinking outside of the box with a pirates theme, but ultimately lost by not aligning the brand’s logo, a koala, with the task. The women’s team won by utilizing the koala logo and sticking closer to the brand’s identity with a beach theme mixed with snow, highlighting the different seasonal environments for consumers to use the products.

Mark McGrath reigned as project manager for the men’s team and from the start, proclaimed that he would take the fall for team if the task was lost on his conceived pirates theme. Well, like a true pirate, he tried to steal away from his original convictions by attempting to push Gary Busey onto his swashbuckling sword. Arggh, indeed! But at the end of the episode, it was McGrath who Trump ordered to walk the plank!

The women’s team should have been clinking glasses of Moet Chandon watching the men get eaten by alligators in Trump’s boardroom, but instead, NeNe Leakes took it upon herself to bring her koala claws out and dig them into La Toya’s sequined victory. Why? Apparently, there was no eucalyptus to munch on in the victory room, or perhaps because no one found the off switch to NeNe’s never-ending rant machine. After all, the women won under La Toya’s leadership!

NeNe went off on LaToya with: “Don’t you try and act you’re the reason we won. I worked my ass off while you sat there and looked like Casper the Ghost! Let’s be clear Casper, let’s be clear! Disappear ghost….the only reason you’ve gotten this far is because of your last name and you faked it for fifty years. You are very old and you need to play your age and not 12. You are a (sic) old lady.”

I could see it coming when Don Jr. stopped by the women’s task location during the set up and a very tattletale-ing koala costumed NeNe approached him, backstabbing La Toya before the task was even completed. It read like a cheap preemptive strike to insure herself later in the boardroom.

Ultimately, La Toya kept her cool to NeNe’s vitriolic teeth gnashing and walked away with champagne flute in hand, with a few whispered utterances. What’s so bad about her? She donated her famous deceased brother’s autographed tee shirt, aiding the women’s team last week when it was auctioned off for $99,000– and contributing to Marlee Matlin’s “Apprentice” record breaking fundraising total of one million dollars. La Toya has ultimately handled herself with composure and grace under fire throughout the catty clawings of the women’s team since this season of “Celebrity Apprentice” started. I tip my glittered ball cap to her (if I had one).

As for NeNe, she’s a no-no. We’ll see if she’ll last next week’s boardroom or if like a koala, she’s in danger of becoming extinct.