Celebrity Apprentice Has Long Overdue Firing

Celebrity Apprentice generates a lot of crazy headliners. Yet when this year’s version was first put together, everyone knew that the big name in 2011 would be Gary Busey. By now, his reality show exploits and puzzling behavior has become the stuff of TV legend, and pairing him with Donald Trump and company seemed like a no-brainer. That may be why Trump kept him for a long time, even when he could have been eliminated more than once.

Warning: Spoilers follow.

Last night’s episode was finally the end of the line for Busey’s latest madness. After several stays of execution, Trump had no choice but to fire the show’s most talked about contestant following his team’s latest defeat.

Busey’s teammates know that he is a weak link, yet they chose him as project manager for the second time in last night’s outing. This time, they had to put together a cooking demonstration for Omaha Steaks, as Busey delegated the cooking to the ill-equipped Meat Loaf.

Meanwhile, the women elected Hope Dworaczyk to her first project manager role, as she got to direct her louder co-workers. As it turned out, she got the job at just the right time, since she got to go up against Busey. While her leadership kept the women sailing along, the men crumbled under Busey’s command.

Of course, since Busey has stayed on Celebrity Apprentice longer than he should have already, and since he is their biggest draw in 2011, there was no guarantee that Trump would fire him. Trump was still unclear on whether Busey was “a genius or a moron,” but his co-workers were far less conflicted about it.

Finally, Meat Loaf got a break and stayed on board while Busey was sent packing. Now the show has to find other crazed personalities to carry the rest of the season, yet they still have quite a few of them. Star Jones, Lil Jon, LaToya Jackson, Marlee Matlin and Meat Loaf remain to provide star power and noteworthy antics – yet not even they can reach Busey’s unique level.

But with his sideshow over with, the show can get back to real business – and Trump can be the biggest sideshow again. It has been hard for the actual competition to overshadow Trump himself and his potential run for president. Now that Busey is gone, the biggest question around the series is whether Trump will declare his candidacy right after the finale.

As for the actual contestants, they at least have one less distracting obstacle in their way. Next week’s first contest without Busey involves an ad campaign for Trump’s hotels at 9 p.m. Eastern on NBC.


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