Celebrities Aren’t Immune to Professional Negligence in Health Care!

Professional negligence in health care is not rare at all, it is formally known as medical malpractice by a doctor, physician, nurse, medical practitioner etc. Calculating pain and suffering seems to be impossible and money damages may not cover all the consequences of an injury cause by professional negligence in health care industry. There are many examples where precious lives are lost when medical malpractice and negligence has occurred.

Almost 1.5 million patients are victimized annually due to professional negligence in hospitals which results to an estimated 98,000 deaths a year.

There has been a thought that only common innocent people get trapped in such malfeasant professional negligence by doctors then they have to think again, because now I am going to reveal three huge celebrities who have gone through such medical malpractice. They are the scariest and heart breaking stories for the world to know caused by professional negligence of doctors.

Gigantic Celebrity Deaths Due to Professional Negligence in Health care:

Michael Jackson

The name itself shows gleam of the music world, a man who’s singing and dancing skills can never be forgotten; he was a legend of 20th Century. But he loses his life at a sudden and left the world crying when a number of drugs including Propofol, a tranquilizer drug usually used in general surgeries, and two other interrelated drugs were found in autopsy, even though he didn’t need them. Michael Jackson’s physician is under trial, the case has gone beyond professional negligence and medical malpractice and now he is facing a lawsuit charging him over for manslaughter.

Anna Nicole Smith

The second example of Hollywood death due to professional negligence in health care was of Anna Nicole, a super model / actress of glamour world. She got fame for her playboy cover shoots. But her brutal death left a bruise over professional negligence in health care. The investigation proved that she was using 11 different prescriptions that were prescribed by her psychiatrist. One of the medical news editor said that a doctor was ultimately responsible for the medication, she puts into her circulation.

John Ritter

The third person who has been a victim of professional negligence was a PROBLEM CHILD Dad Jhon Ritter, an excellent actor with lots of success at his credit. Ritter was best known for his role as Jack Tripper on the sitcom “Three’s Company.” But he passes away due to medical negligence caused by the doctor’s misdiagnosis as a heart attack and failed to provide proper treatment for the tear in his aorta, which led to his death.


These three people were the gems of world of entertainment. No one can ever forget them easily but we have to learn lesson from their wrongful death cases due to professional negligence in health care. We need to take precautionary measures for solving medical malpractice issue. We need to develop strict laws to stop medical practitioners for their wrongful malpractice. We need to develop a system where we can check our doctor’s legitimacy. We need to find out those health care culprits and nab them in medical records so anyone can find them before getting a checkup.


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