Cedar Point’s Can’t Miss Coaster Collection

So many coasters, so little time. This is the common quandary of visitors, especially first time visitors, to Cedar Point amusement park. Since 1892, when its first coaster transported riders to the dizzying height of 25 feet, Cedar Point has been finding new ways to give its guests the largest variety of thrills & chills that an amusement park could offer. Constantly pushing the limits of technology and human endurance, Cedar Point gives its estimated 3 million visitors a year the chance to choose from one of the largest and best collections of rides anywhere

Located in Sandusky, Ohio on the shore of Lake Erie, Cedar Point has earned the title Best Amusement Park on the Planet 13 years in a row. During the operating season, which runs from mid-May through October, Cedar Point is typically open from 10:00am to 10:00pm, though hours may vary. Because of this, conquering all 17 coasters is a daunting task. I would strongly recommend an extended stay at one of Cedar Point’s resorts or one of the near by hotels. To get the most from a one day visit, you need to set your priorities. Based on over 20 seasons of riding, here are my must ride coaster suggestions. This is by no means an attempt to disparage any of the park’s other attractions. 75 more thrill rides and a variety of shows also stand ready to entertain visitors to Cedar Point. However, including these in your visit will give you’re the biggest shot of adrenaline for your $46.99.

Collection of cant miss coasters

The Millennium Force was the first coaster to break the 300 foot mark and has operated since 2000. From its 310 foot lift hill, it offers you an amazing view of Cedar Point’s artfully landscaped 364 acre peninsula. Enjoy that view from atop this giant, it wont last very long. Hurling you at speeds topping 93 miles and hour, Millennium Force boasts huge drops, exciting turns and coveted hang time all while traveling along a very smooth track. While all coaster lovers have their personal bias, I can confidently say if I could only ride one coaster for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Think there isn’t much you can enjoy in 17 seconds? Think again. Cedar Point’s 420 foot tall launch coaster, the Top Thrill Dragster , can turn a mere 17 seconds into a heart racing, eye popping shot of adrenaline. Opening in 2003, the Dragster broke all existing barriers of height and speed. And is still consistently ranked as one of the best in the world. Safely tucked inside your seat, surrounded by the rumbling and growling of the ride made to mimic a race car engine, you can watch as the lights posted near by switch from red, then to yellow. When you see the light turn green, brace yourself. You are about to go from 0 to 120 mph in just under 4 seconds. Soaring into the air and arching over the top of the massive structure is only part of the fun. There is a surreal moment when, having cleared the top, you will be staring straight down before spiraling back to Earth. This is clearly not the time to wonder if the foot long chili, cheese dog you ate while standing in line was a good idea. I am often asked if 17 seconds on the Dragster is worth the lengthy wait. I can assure you it is worth every minute.

Unless you have trained as a fighter or flown with someone who has, chances are you’ve not experienced too many barrel rolls in your lifetime. Cedar Point made it possible to experience that thrill along with extreme G-force when it premiered the Raptor in 1994. At 137 feet tall, it isn’t the tallest. And I typically drive to Cedar Point at speeds higher than Raptor’s 57 mph. It is the genius design of The Raptor that creates the thrill, which cannot be measured by mere statistics. Sitting in a car that resembles a ski lift chair more than a coaster seat, riders dangle below the track of Raptor as it hurls them through a series of loops and rolls. Raptor gives riders a taste of what free flight must be like. Upside down 6 times, you really will know what it feels like to “kick the sky.”

Fans of wooden coaster take heart. You have not been forgotten. I can happily say Cedar Point provides you with ample opportunities to enjoy the rocking and rumbling of several outstanding wooden coasters. One of the best is a 161 foot tall feat of architecture know as The Mean Streak . Constructed of yellow pine and opening in 1991, The Mean Streak is an impressive sight. But if seeing is believing, then riding is loving when it comes to this wooden masterpiece. Fine nuances like banked turns and ample hills for hang time enhance the thrill as you rumble along the 5,400 ft track at speeds reaching 65 mph. While a ride on the Mean Streak lasts close to 3 minutes, the memory of your stomach dropping as you go speeding down the lift hill will stay with you for many years

“Please remain seated until the ride comes to a full and complete stop.” does not apply when riding on The Mantis. This is not due to a safety oversight, as Cedar Point takes all matters of safety very seriously. It is simply because when riding The Mantis, you don’t sit down–ever. Opening, as the tallest, fastest stand up coaster in the world, in 1996 The Mantis continues to test the endurance of its riders. Zipping through a series of loops and dives at around 62 mph, you will also be treated to an impressive 52 degree drop from the 145 foot tall lift hill. Now in its 15th season, The Mantis is one ride you just wont take sitting down.

A must ride list of Cedar Point coasters would be incomplete without the famed Magnum XL–200. The first coaster in the world to top 200 feet when it opened in 1989, The Magnum still thrills riders nearly 22 years later. The steel giant jostles riders in a fashion similar to wooden coasters and reaches speeds of 72 mph. while rumbling through a series of impressive hills, 3 tunnels and a unique pretzel turn which gives the feeing that you are about to be launched directly into Lake Erie . Amazing to look at and awesome to ride, 22 year old Magnum still delivers epic thrills along with an amazing view. And yes, in case you were wondering, that is Canada you can see from the first hill.

Cedar Point fun isn’t limited to the coasters. The park offers thrills and excitement for all ages and thrill levels. So set your priorities, make your plans and prepare to be taken to new heights of adventure while you enjoy your day at Cedar Point.

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