Cedar Point: The Home of the Best of Fun, Fantasy, and Food ‘” And of Course, Roller Coasters

Known as the Roller Coast, Cedar Point is the home of the roller coaster. This is inevitably one’s first experience with the park, whether you enjoy coasters or not. Long before you reach the park entrance the peaks and swirls are prominent and transform the quiet lakeside horizon into a realm of whimsy and, well, amusement.

Don’t think that because you have ridden a roller coaster before means that you know what to expect. Each coaster offers a different experience, and in many cases, breaks records worldwide. One of Cedar Point’s most recent additions, the Top Thrill Dragster, was the fastest roller coaster upon its opening and reaches speeds over 100 miles per hour! The Magnum also held records for its extreme height – if you can keep your eyes open you can see Canada from its peak! If the first plunge is your pleasure then Millennium Force offers a record breaking 80 degree drop before you plummet into darkness. There are of course many more coasters to test your nerves ranging from the fastest, longest, highest, most angular, standing up and feet dangling types to the more reserved sit back and watch the world race by types.

However, if roller coasters are not you thing, there is still plenty more to fill the day. The Midway at Cedar Point offers the best in amusement park fare and games. Here you can eat homemade fudge and cheese-on-a-stick as you try to win an over sized purple monkey for duping the attendant into thinking you are 10 years younger than you really are! What could be better? The park has restaurants to suit every taste. Finding burritos, linguine, cheeseburgers and sasparilla has never been easier. Cedar Point is organized into several distinct regions each with their own flare (and food). You can visit the 1950’s, the Old West, a tropical island and the family friendly Planet Snoopy, a kid’s park inspired by Charlie Brown’s pet pooch.

Cedar Point takes days to explore and to appreciate all that there is do. Aside from the food, the rides and the games, Cedar Point has its own beach where you can rent jet skis, parasail, or just relax – and beach access is free with admission. You can also visit Challenge Park where you can try bungee jumping among other panic inducing experiences, as well as go-karting and mini golfing.

After that, you may want to take it easy. Cedar Point has plenty of shows, shopping and other relaxing activities like the Antique Cars and old timey photography. No matter your speed, literally, you can always find some fun on Ohio’s Roller Coast, Cedar Point.