CD’s Gleeks (Glee Fans) Will Want to Know About

It appears to be a great time to be a Gleek as there a few CD’s that were just released or are soon to be released for fans of the hit TV show Glee. Glee the Music Season 2 Volume 5

The Season 2 Volume 5 CD just came out. The CD does include the 2 original songs that the Glee cast sang on the Regionals show: “Get it Right” and “Loser Like Me”. Warbler Darren Chris also gets a little exposure on this CD as he sings a duet with Lea Michelle, “Don’t You Want Me.” Gwyneth Paltrow also gets a good amount of playing time on this CD as she is featured in, “Do You Want to Touch,” “Kiss,” which was a duet with Mathew Morrison, and “Landslide” which she sang with Naya Rivera (Santana) and Heather Morris (Britney).

Other songs on the CD include: PYT, Thriller, Need You Now, She’s Not There, Fat Bottom Girls, Firework, Baby, Somebody to Love, Take Me or Leave Me, and sing.

Those of you are big fans of Chris Colfer will notice he gets pretty much no play time on the Season 5 CD of Glee but you will be happy to know that he of course does get some on the another CD launched from the show this year “The Music Glee Presents The Warblers.”

The Music Glee Presents the Warblers

Mostly this CD should probably be called a Darren Chriss CD featuring the Warblers and Chris Colfer as the majority of the songs on this CD are sung by him with exception of Blackbird, and Candles, which are done by Chris Colfer actually Candles is a duet with Chris Colfer and Darren Chriss. Also, “What Kind of Fool” also is more of Warbler group effort.

Other songs on this CD include: Teenage Dream, Soul Sister, Bills Bills Bills, Silly Love Songs, When Can I Get You Alone, Animal, Misery, Raise Your Glass, Somewhere Only We Know, and Do You Think I’m Sexy.

If you love Darren Chriss you will love this CD.

More on Darren Chriss

Darin Chriss also put out an album unrelated to Glee in 2010 called Human.

Mathew Morrison

Fans of Mathew Morrison the good looking guy who plays Will Shuster on Glee will be happy to hear that his CD which is self titled: “Mathew Morrison” will be released soon. It is currently available for pre order at

Since the CD is not out yet I don’t know that much about it except that it will be considered an “Old School” music CD which will have songs that artists such as Sammy Davis Jr. and Gene Kelly might have sung.

Mark Sailing

Fans of Glee’s resident bad boy Puck likely already know that he released his debut CD back in late 2010. His CD is called “Pipe Dreams”. The album appears to me to kind of a combination of pop type songs and some songs that have kind of a folk song feel. I expected a little harder rock edge on his album but it is actually far from hard rock or even rock. Most of them are gentle songs with guitar in the back ground. It has a nice mellow sound that shows off his lovely voice. He even raps a little on a song called “Doppleganger,” and another song has a bit of a country flair called, “Pipe Dreams.”


There are bound to be lots more CD releases both from the entire cast of Glee and individually. There is a lot of talent on this show and if they are wise they will all try to capitalize on it eventually and put out their own CD’s frankly I am surprised more of them have not by now. There are of course rumors that some of them are working on it.