CCTV is Becoming More Popular Than Ever

Use of CCTV for protection of homes and business is becoming pretty commonplace. No longer are surveillance systems a luxury enjoyed by the rich and affluent. They’re now being utilized by everyday people.

Mass production of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), mostly in China, has greatly reduced the cost of surveillance systems and as a result they are now more affordable than ever.

Cost of CCTV

Once $1000 to $2000 per camera to install, surveillance systems now are being installed for half that. depending on the contractor and the brand of equipment chosen. For the do it yourselfer the cost can be even considerably less.

With their affordability, surveillance systems are now being utilized to perform some pretty common functions that add real value to everyday lives of business and home owners.

Cameras Reduce Losses To Business

Businesses are using cameras to keep an eye on inventory, employees and customers; thus reducing their losses from theft and time card abuses..

For fleet owners, burglars, in recent years, discovered that catalytic converters contain valuable platinum that can be sold for scrap; making company fleets major targets of thieves.

In 2010 car dealers in the Atlanta area were target by robbers who, in the early morning hours, sneaked onto car lots with powerless saws and stole catalytic converters from a large number of vehicles on the lots. As a result, many of them opted to install surveillance systems to cover their parking lots and inventories.

Valuable Latchkey and Child Care Monitor

Surveillance has become the ultimate monitoring tool for parents of latchkey teens and preteens who get home from school before their parents get home from work. Many parents with rambunctious teens use surveillance to keep an eye on their homes as a means of eliminating unauthorized visitors when no adults are present.

Meanwhile, parents who employ babysitters and nannies are now able to check on their children with the click of the mouse . Numerous parents have caught on tape some pretty severe cases of child abuse with cameras they hid at their homes. With cases like this making headlines, many parents are now turning to surveillance to establish a big brother type presence with those who watch their children.

Effective Theft Deterrent

Most commonly video cameras are the best deterrent to thieves who make a living victimizing property owners. Burglars, most of whom are petty thieves and not “It takes a Thief” caliber pros, are very leery of properties with video cameras installed on them. Most of them will opt to target another property rather than risk being caught on video tape.

Security Cameras Are Everywhere

The days of surveillance being restricted to those with deep pockets are long gone. The use of surveillance by residential and commercial property owners is becoming more and more common. It’s predicted by industry professionals that in the future society will mirror the space age environment of the Jetson’s cartoon where CCTV will become part of our everyday lives;. at home, at work and in public.

Louis Blackwell is a surveillance system design and sales consultant. He is also publisher of . Readers with surveillance question can write him at [email protected] or call toll free at 866.601.0730.