Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for Fatigue

Narrowing down the cause of your sudden fatigue can be half the battle toward conquering it. Many people automatically assume that a cold or flu is on the way when they come down with a sudden case of fatigue, but that cause is hardly the only one to be aware of. The symptoms associated with that feeling of lack of energy can help guide you toward the cause and the cause can guide you toward the most effective solution.

Insomnia or even just not getting a healthy night’s sleep is a very common cause of fatigue. The symptoms that your fatigue might be associated with your sleeping habits include prolonged feelings of lack of energy throughout the day and difficulty getting sleeping as bedtime approaches. The treatment for fatigue that is caused by insomnia ranges across the entire spectrum of the health care field. You could try to get sleepy earlier by taking a warm bath or drinking down a cup of relaxing herbal tea. Acupuncture and massage may also help you to get to sleep. The point is that you have to train yourself to sleep better if you want to rid yourself of chronic fatigue caused by insomnia.

Fatigue is very much associated with clinical depression. Things to look for when determining whether you or someone else is feeling logy as a result of depression include associated feelings of sadness, a change in appetite that causes weight to either go up or down, variations between sleepiness that allows you to slumber any time of the day and insomnia that keeps you up at night. You are already aware that treating depression is a tricky thing that can work, can fail, can take a long time and can stop working at any time. The fatigue that you regularly experience as a result of depression can be treated to a degree by forcing yourself to exercise. Exercising will not only give you more energy, it can help lift your spirit and eventually your depression.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
You may quickly jump to the conclusion that you have chronic fatigue syndrome when you begin feeling chronically fatigued, but in order to actually qualify for this disorder, the fatigue has to debilitating and hang around for six months. Another way to tell if your fatigue is related to this disorder is if you are able to get rest relatively easily yet still cannot shake off the lack of energy. Low grade fever, weakness in your muscles, headache and confusion are all symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Since the cause of this medical condition is not known, treatment is up in the air. Consult a doctor or other health care professional to determine the best kind of treatment for you.

It used to be that when someone began feeling fatigued over and over that those around them would immediately assume a case of anemia. Today, your fatigue caused by anemia must also include symptoms like weakness, dizziness, loss of appetite and heart palpitations. You will also grow noticeably paler. Treatment for this source of fatigue revolves around the depth of your particular case of anemia. Options range from changes in what you eat to surgery. In the between are cases that call for nutritional supplements. Consult a doctor if you experience the symptoms of anemia.