Causes of Bad Breath and How to Cure It

There are many people who suffer from bad breath and they are not even aware of it. This can prevent them from having a healthy social life and finding a suitable mate and it can even be a stumbling block when it comes to their careers. The single most important step in having fresh breath is to have a good proper oral hygiene program. Lets take a look at what causes bad breath and the best way that we can cure it.

When people eat meals that contain things like garlic and spices, it is normal to expect some unpleasant odor from the aftermath. Once your body has processed the foods, the bad breath should not last any longer than 24 hours. According to studies, when bad breath keeps coming back, it is due to lingering bacteria in the mouth.

The mouth is a place that harbors many types of bacteria which form on the surface as well as the crevices in the teeth, gums, and the tongue. These bacteria are fed by the particles of leftover food in the mouth and in turn they produce chemical byproducts that leave a nasty odor in the mouth. The largest percentage of bad breath cases ( around 90 percent ) are caused by bacteria that have been collected in the mouth for too long of a period . This bacteria may also be responsible for its smell. The result of this bacteria over a period of time is that it can form pockets of plaque between the teeth and gums which can lead to disease and chronic bad breath.

One of the most simple and easy ways to keep your breath smelling fresh is to have a good oral hygiene program which includes good flossing and brushing on a daily basis. Even though many people find that flossing is to time consuming, it is by far the best and only way to clean out the spaces between the teeth that cannot be reached by normal brushing. When many people brush their teeth, they do not brush properly as they tend to hurry it up to get it done faster. Instead of brushing your teeth quickly several times a day, you might be better off to take the time and give your mouth a good thorough cleaning once a day. Make sure that you give your teeth a good flossing and make sure to brush all surfaces including your tongue. Using dental rinses can be helpful to you, but do not depend solely on them to remove all of the plaque because it takes a good brushing to remove more than the superficial layer from your teeth.

If you practice a good oral hygiene program and it still does not seem to cure your bad breath, than you should make an appointment with your dentist. He will check your teeth for dental decay or periodontal disease. There are cases ( around 10 percent ) where bad breath can be an indicator of a problem outside of the mouth. In these cases you would have to be checked by an ear, nose, or throat specialist to help diagnose the problem. Bad breath can also be caused by several other sources which include infections in the sinuses and nasal cavity , tonsil stones ( bacteria or debris that form on tonsils ) and uncontrolled diabetes.

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