Causes and Treatment for Acne

One of the number one causes of acne is stress. When you are busy with work, stressed about deadlines, appointments, meetings with your boss, relationships, fights, family feuds, the things your kids or siblings are doing, your own moral wars and degeneration, then that stress can cause acne to appear on your face in swarms. Usually stress causes your body to act in strange ways and messes up your inner chemistry, if the stress level is high enough, and this can cause many facial break outs and make you notice red, blotchy marks on your cheek, around your forehead, beside your nose, or on your chin.

Acne leaves no spot unharmed and can really take a toll on your self esteem as well as your mental health if it gets to be too big a problem. Another factor that causes acne is an altered or unhealthy diet. Having a diet rich in fats and sugars can cause acne due to the unhealthy amount of foods you are ingesting without any healthy things to balance it off. Not only will you experience weight gain, but also break outs will be another side effect from an unhealthy diet, one that will not only make your face break out but might linger there for some time.

Genetic factors can also contribute to acne, as well, as people whose parents have acne are more predisposed to having it themselves, and age is another factor, as well. If you are a teenager, then acne will be more likely, common, and not a lot to worry about, but having acne as an adult is possible, too. Keeping your face unwashed or not clean is another factor, especially if you touch your face a lot or if you expose it to anything greasy or unclean at any time. There are many ways to prevent it, too, of course. For example, there are many great acne creams that can be topically applied so you can take care of the breakouts from the beginning and ensure that you figure out how to clear up that reddish, blotchy mess from the start.

Also, there are various on the spot creams, too, that target especially large pimples or blights so that within a few days it will be cleared. You can also purchase cleansing creams and face washes that you use daily so that your face stays clean and is less prone to acquire acne. If you wash your face daily, your pores stay open and clean. Always remove your make up and other kinds of facial applicants, so that your pores do not get clogged and then acne is less likely as you keep your face free from grease and other harmful agents.

Take care to keep a healthy balance in your life, in both your diet and personal life so that no matter what you find a way to stay stress free and keep a healthy balance of eating well as well as living strong. Exercise and pay attention to your wellness so that you don’t find yourself overly stressed, as that will contribute to facial break outs. Take the time to bring peace to your life and resolve your issues for the sake of your clear face.

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