Cats Are Cute and Cuddly Collectibles

If you have a love for cats, why not collect the cute, cuddly critters? Many people collect all things related to cats.

Whether it is cats on postcards or figurines, cats are highly collectible.

Felix the Cat is one of the most popular and probably the most valuable cat. A pair of Felix Goebel bookends from the 1930’s in good condition is valued around $200. Even vintage plush Felix animals can be worth up to $100. Felix was introduced in 1914 and by 1920; he was famous across the world. Felix figurines can be worth as much as $200. Old tin Felix toys can go for up to $500.

Many cat collectors look for Louis Wain illustrated objects. A signed Wain watercolor can be worth up to $5,000. More common items are saucers valued at about $50. Wain is known as the greatest cat painter ever and died in 1930.

Ceramic figurines are probably the most common cat items on the market. A marked “Aller Vale Devon” cat with one blinking green glass eyes is valued at $200. A Brownfield majolica kitten holding a cup recently was valued at $250. A Royal Doulton cat from the 1930-50s goes for $25-$50. Royal Albert cats are worth around $15 apiece. Beswick’s “Tabitha Twitchit” is worth about $50. A Beswick “Cheshire Cat” is around $500.

Some people only collect Siamese cats. A Winstanley model cat is worth about $35.

Lalique French art glass figures are valued close to $1,000. Steuben glass cats are valued to close to $500. Orrefors cats are nearly $200.

Garfield the cat also has a following. A Garfield figurine that looks like ET is worth over $100. Ceramic Christmas Garfield figurines can be worth $5-$50. Seek Garfield items from the 1970s for the most value. Stuffed animals to plastic toys all have some value for the right collector.

You can find cats everywhere. There are even beanie babies featuring several different cats.
Steiff made several cats and some of the most valuable ones sell for thousands of dollars.

Buttons with cat images are another collectible. The can be valued at everything from $2 to $30. It all depends on the image and its age.

As with all collectibles, always remember condition is important. Chipped or cracked glass or ceramic cats are worthless. Damaged stuffed animals or ones with missing tags lose value.

If you have a collection of cats, buy a guide book or check out prices on eBay. Remember, you can only sell an item for what someone is willing to pay for it. So, don’t pay too much and don’t go overboard on the price you are asking.

Sometimes you may get a great deal. Sometimes, you may sell a car for much higher than expected. As with any kind of collecting, it is all in the fun of finding the treasure.

Start looking at Goodwill, stores, the Salvation Army or a tag sale if this is the items you want to find. I’m sure cat images and figurines will be plentiful. Save plenty of space to display them. Collecting them is as addicting as having them in your home.